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Dear Randy Ooi Based on my previous 20 years of working as Corrosion Specialist (Internal and External), I'd like to give you

the following points that can help you: First: Organizations such as API, NACE, BGAS, CSWIP... etc can provide you the best material to study based on decades of experiences that cannot be found with your master professors. I'm not telling you to pay a lot of money to be certified but at least try to do your best studying the following subjects material: Second: Since you have metallurgy background, then you need to start studying bt API-571 to be aware of types of damages and mechanisms which is a must for both of the following directions. After studying this course you have to select between three main options for being Corrosion or Inspection Engineer according to the Science that you are happy to work with, based on the fact says that your input will be much better by working at the same field that you like. First option: Internal Corrosion Engineer The Refinery, Power Generation & Water Treatment Industries are always demanding internal corrosion specialists more than others, as Internal Corrosion Engineer, there will be some chemistry information that you need to gain, if you feel happy with chemistry science then go ahead of studying NACE internal corrosion course, followed by advanced internal corrosion course level & Chemical treatment specialist level. 2nd Option: If you feel that you are more happy with basics electric, basics chemistry, basics of metallurgy and you are not happy enough with more chemical reactions then it would be better to dedicate your efforts for Cathodic Protection & Protective Coating, Studying NACE Cathodic Protection Courses starting from Level 1 to Level 4 and to study NACE Protective Coating inspection courses Level 1 to 3). In this Case you will be very popular to a lot of industries & projects due to periodic wide range of vacancies in CP & CIP. 3rd Option: To be inspection Engineer If you feel more happy with metallurgy, then please dedicate your efforts to study API-570, API-510, API-653, API-580 after studying welding process & welding inspection.