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LT Replication

Configuring LT system: Actual Over View of LT configuration is

1) 1st source system is connected to LT Replication Server with RFC Connection • Log on to LT Replication Server • Provide T-code: SM59 • Select ABAP connection and click on new connection • Provide Name and Description • In Technical Settings(Tab) provide source details for EX(SAP ECC6) • Provide Server name & Client number

Click on Save & Test the connection .

LT Replication: Click on Data Provisioning We will get window as shown below .

Target Schema) And We will get all options like a) Load b) Replicate c) Stop Replication d) Suspend e) Resume 1) Load To load data from Tables with full That means we will get data with full load Click on LOAD Select Required Table & k .Select our required Source system We will get window with all schema details like (Source system ID. Host Name.

We will get status Replication: To Load Initial & Delta Loads For 1st time Initial Load and remaining loads are Delta Loads .

Whenever table get updated with Records LT server extracts newly updated records and loaded into HANA DB .


Suspend: We can pause replication for instance time(some time) by clicking on Suspend So It pauses the replication .

Resume: To resume(Start) Suspended jobs .