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Manager/Owner Eagle Lake Landing Apartments 2054 High Eagle Lake Trail Indianapolis, IN 46224 Subject: FIRE REGULATORY

FRAUD CAUSING DEATHS AND DESTRUCTION Dear Manager/Owner The fire at your apartment complex is a typical result of corrupt fire and building codes. Both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) have been involved in regulatory schemes and collusion that can best be described as criminal operations. This dishonesty behind the fire regulations has caused tens of thousands of lives; and that is an understatement. This conclusion is not limited to my view, there is a growing number of concerned fire professionals and non-professionals that share with me the desire to correct the corruption and the dramatically reduce the loss of property and lives. I especially suggest you review the evidence of regulatory crimes (including fire test videos) on this web site: It is highly likely that two of the dishonest code requirements were responsible for the extent of the damage at the Eagle Lake Landing Apartments. First, the odds are that ionization type socalled smoke detectors were in the apartment complex. These have been proven to be close to useless as warning devices for real smoke. Incidentally, the Indy station has had a major expose on this fraud. The State Fire Marshal of Indiana conducted live fire tests that confirmed the device was a fraud. The second fraudulent component of the fire codes that no doubt impacted the size of the fire was the fire ratings of UL. The codes require nearly always a fire rating for each and every room within a housing unit to be of one hour duration. That is, a fire within one unit shall not spread to any other unit or the attic for one hour. Obviously, the owner pays top dollar for the fire resistance; but often the fire rating fails within 5 or 10 minutes. I enclose further information on both corruptions within the fire codes. Sincerely,

Richard M. Patton Professional Engineer, Researcher, Consultant