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Name: Gabrielle Carbone Address: 33 E. Mcmillan st.

Cincinnati, Ohio

I and Eitan Kuniz have known each other from 2010 and we used to hang out a lot. Eitan came to visit his family on that year and met Angela Buschur. They have started seeing each other more and more and things between them got serious like with any other couple that fall in love. They got married and were living together. Angela got pregnant from Eitan, but because of some health issues, Angela had a miscarriage. I can say that because of that Angela have decided to end the relationship and Eitan’s heart was broken. Angela asked Eitan to agree to dissolution and so they did. Shortly after Angela has decided to end things, Eitan has moved out to live with his friend. I know that Eitan was trying to contact Angela several times but she would not respond and have asked him to stop. Eitan had a very difficult time to get over Angela because he loved her very much.