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Holloway's Garden Film Budget Screenplay Idea for Screenplay Photocopy of 20 copies Story and Rights 0 0 !

Production Unit Producer Student "ssociate Producer Student #egal Fees $drafting of contracts% &irector "ssistant &irector 'ictoria )rs Holloway *ld "rtist Fairy +,a Fairy "lia -ric.ster Direction Student Student Cast (npaid (npaid (npaid (npaid (npaid (npaid "ll re/uire production pac.age Production Staff Student Student Student

Production )anager Script Super,isor Production "ssistant "rt &irector "ssistant Purchases 0entals Set 1onstruction 3ey Grip Slate Petty 1ash Fa5ric Seamstress )a.e7up "rtist "ssistant Purchases

Set Design and Construction Student Student 200 00 2o Payment Set Operation Student Student Set Dressing 4! Wardrobe 60 Student Make-up !0 a day Student !0

Gaffer "ssistant #ighting +/uipment Purchases Gels &iffusions #ight5ul5s Sound Person Boom *perator Sound +/uipment Purchases Batteries Foley e/uipment &irector of Photography Focus "ssistant Still Photographer 1amera +/uipment

Lights Student Student (ni,ersity "' Store 80

Production Sound Student Student (ni,ersity "' Store 20

Camera Student Student Student (ni,ersity "' Store

ransportation 1ar 0ental 8 day recce !! Petrol 80 20 'an 0ental 2 wee. production 8!0 Petrol 40 80 Location 9oodland Shac. 8 2ights Sleeps 4 Bun. Barn 4 2ights Sleeps 0 1atering Super,ising +ditor "ssistant +ditor 1omposer )usicians $if needed% :!0 $we5site price%

2!0 $we5site price% !00 !diting Student Student Music Student Students

Sound &esigner Sound "ssistant

Post Production Sound Student Student

"nsurance Pu5lic #ia5ility Insurance -hrough (ni,ersity 0is. "ssessment Forms Production Pac.age &'&'s Stills Prints Script Postage and Pac.aging ota# $udget Distribution 00