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TOPIC Hello, my name is Doris Juliette Tamayo and I am visiting Villavicencio next holidays and I'm visiting my mother next week, I`m in church next easter with my family eating fish in my house and My baby getting baptized the next on the 20st. (of April), I´m very happy next week in my holidays and I´m going to river I am preparing food for Easter, first we are going to the supermarket and we are buying vegetables, fish and seafood in the supermarket to next week, we are cooking a delicious trout for next Friday easter and finally we are praying church to next Friday of easter. I'm readying my swimsuit, my sunscreen and my glasses to go to the river to swim next Saturday of the holiday, I'm also getting ready to swim float for my child use it in the river next Saturday rental, finally I'm readying food that next day. 'm preparing for next baptism April 20, I'm enlisting the clothes first and second baby I'm enlisting the christening party for next Sunday and then we will be in church next Sunday. Conclusión I´m finally ready to go on vacation to Villavicencio to go swimming to the church and baptize my son this Easter holiday next week.


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.Describe the situation General arguments Conclusion The activities to be undertaken during the next holidays Prepare food Friday of the next Easter my baby's christening next Sunday Holiday Going to church the next Easter finally I'm happy I'm preparing activities for the next Easter.