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Radio Azadi Names Ehsan Bayat Person of the Year

the founder and chairman of the Bayat Foundation. Radio Azadi named Ehsan Bayat.•In late March. Presented during Norouz. the annual award spotlights those who have had a profound positive impact on culture and democracy in Afghanistan. as its Person of the Year. . the Persian New Year.

His companies continue to connect the people of his home country to each other and to the rest of the world. .•Mr. his technical endeavors have endured through times of peace and turmoil. Over the decades. Bayat earned the accolade for his long record of commitment to building the telecommunications infrastructure of Afghanistan.

For the last several years. . pop musician Farhad Darya. Recent honorees have included such diverse personalities as Dr. Ahmad Sarmast of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music. and other luminaries from Afghanistan’s business. cultural. Bayat joins a list of other notable humanitarians. and political spheres. journalist and activist Anarkali Honaryar.•With the award. Radio Azadi has established a tradition of recognizing influential Persons of the Year who have helped shape Afghan culture and lifestyle for the better. Mr.