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Speakout Upper Intermediate

Writing a letter on particular topic
When you rite a letter on a particular topic, use a different paragraph to descri!e each point that you ant to "a#e.

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rite a letter to your descendents

1 How will t e world !e di""erent in t e "uture# Write down "our t ing$ t at mig t % ange in t e ne&t 1'' (ear$) * +ui%kl( read Wend(,$ letter to point$# er de$%endent$) -oe$ $ e mention an( o" (our

Dear All, I hope you are all well and that you appreciate a friendly letter from one of your predecessors. One hundred years have passed since I wrote this letter. I’m just getting in contact to see how you are all getting on. I expect there will be uite a lot of people in the world by now and you will all be living on top of each other in s!yscrapers. I hope it’s not too noisy and you still have some green space for a game of football or sunbathing. I hope that by now humanity will have solved some of the environmental problems which my generation helped to cause. I’m sorry that I didn’t do more to help when I had the chance. Are there still polar bears on the planet" Or do you only !now about them from old documentaries" If you still have television, I hope that the programmes will have improved considerably compared to my time. I would li!e to offer you some advice if you don’t mind. #ry not to wor! too hard in order to have some time for yourself. $emember your family so that you always have someone to love and help you. %pend time with your friends because they are important. &ast of all, loo! after yourself and don’t forget to laugh every now and again so as to stay healthy and happy. All the best, 'endy

Greeting W ( (ou are writing

Fir$t point

Se%ond point

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Speakout Upper Intermediate

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S. )for* orse place in the future% E&ten$ion 6 Look at (our an$wer$ to e&er%i$e 1) W i% linker$ o" purpo$e %an !e made negati3e# Rewrite t o$e $enten%e$ w o$e linker$ %an !e made negati3e $o t at t e( e&pre$$ t e $ame idea) Writing pra%ti%e 4 Write a letter to (our "i3e5(ear5old $on 61*'718' word$9 to !e opened 1' (ear$ "rom now) U$e at lea$t t ree di""erent linker$ o" purpo$e) Writing plan • • • • • 3reeting Why you are riting What you thin# your son+s life So"e ad1ice 4lose ill !e li#e )one "ain point per paragraph* C e%k (our letter) 5a1e you follo ed the riting plan% 5a1e you used lin#ers of purpose% 5a1e you chec#ed the gra""ar. spelling and punctuation of your letter% Speakout Upper Intermediate Writing Reference © Pearson Educación. )so as to* / ish you could rite !ac#.A..hat ay you can get a good -o!. )to* &a#e sure you "eet your friends. 'ou al ays tal#ed a!out studying che"istry. 0 2 &a#e sure you ta#e ti"e off. 2012 * .hen / ould #no ho you are doing. .. )so that* / hope you ent to uni1ersity. . )in order to* $on+t forget to or# hard at school. 'ou need to rela(. Read t e letter again and an$wer t e /ue$tion$) 1 $oes Wendy thin# the orld ill !e a !etter place or a 2 What does Wendy thin# is i"portant to do% 0 Find $i& linker$ o" purpo$e in t e letter) 1 2oin t e $enten%e$ u$ing t e linker$ o" purpo$e in !ra%ket$) 1 2 . 'ou can go to ha1e a coffee.