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"I worked for chaff and earning Wheat" By Emily Dickinson [Analysis


I worked for chaff and earning Wheat [1] Was haughty and betrayed. [2] What right had Fields to arbitrate [3] In matters ratified? [4] I tasted Wheat and hated Chaff [5] And thanked the ample friend -- [6] Wisdom is more becoming viewed [7] At distance than at hand. [8]
Poem 1269 [F1217] "I worked for chaff and earning Wheat" Analysis by David Preest [Poem]

It is impossible to be sure what 'chaff' and 'Wheat' symbolise in this poem. A guess would be that Emily worked for getting her poems published in the Springfield Republican (= 'chaff'). But when she found that her poems were not turning out to be the 'chaff' that this paper published, she at first was annoyed that her poems had let her down. Then, realising that her poems had the much better taste of 'Wheat,' she thanked the paper and its editors for being wise enough to show her from their more distant viewpoint the true nature of he poems.