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Thom Chichester

CODE Training
An EPS Company

About the Presenter Thom Chichester • Senior developer & Project Manager EPS Software Corp. • Author and Speaker • President of Houston Designers & Developers Special Interest Group (D2SIG) .

• Custom Software.About CODE & EPS Software Corp. iPhone . SQL Server.NET. and Consulting – . WPF. Silverlight. Training. WinForms.NET – Object and Service Oriented Development – Database Development – User Interface/ Web • ASP.NET.… – Specialists in converting to . SharePoint. .EPS is Hiring! • We are currently hiring all positions! – Project Management. Designers – Employees and Contractors – CODE Network • Send us an email if you are interested or know someone! – jobs@eps-software.

com/framework/GetStarted – Maintenance: Visual Studio Gallery How much is it? FREE – Open Source: http://codeframework.codemag.codeplex.Elevator Speech CODE Framework – What is it? – A .com .NET application development framework/utility library – N-Tier & SOA Architecture – Not-quite RAD How to get it? – Point of Entry: www.

Agenda • Brief history of N-Tier architecture • Describe MVVM & MVC patterns • Describe CODE Framework’s MVC implementation .

Monolithic to Three Tier • Monolithic • Client Server • Three Tier .

Data Access Tier .

N-Tier: User Interface Tier .

UI Tier Design Patterns .

Model View ViewModel Passes Calls To Manipulates Model DTO (Property Bag) View ViewModel Fires Events & Updates Display Controls .

Model View Controller Controller Manipulates Correlates View with Model Passes Calls To Model (Business Logic) View (Display Controls) Fires Events .

CODE Framework’s UI Tier .

CODE Framework UI Architecture Model (Business Logic) Controller View DataContext (Display Controls) Commands .

Model View Controller Hook It Up .CODE Framework – 4 Step Process 1. 4. 2. 3.

com .Q&A CONTACT US WITH QUESTIONS! CODE/EPS Contact: Presenter Contact: CODE Training An EPS Company facebook.