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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Date Rebecca Roth Subject/ Topic/ Theme Dynasties of China Grade _____6____

I. Objectives How does t is lesson connect to t e unit !lan"

Students learn the first four dynasties of China: The Shang !hou "in and #an$ %t is the beginning of Chinese history$

Learners will be able to#

Compare the four dynasties %dentify the major ad&ances from each dynasty ,ar- the borders of each dynasty and major cities on a map of China Recogni.e the progression of dynasties

cogniti&e' R ( )p )n * C+

physical de&elopment

socio' emotional

)n )n * ( (

Common Core standards $or %LCEs if not available in Common Core& addressed#
' ( )*.*.* */plain ho0 and 0hen human communities populated major regions of the *astern #emisphere 1)frica )ustralia *urope )sia2 and adapted to a &ariety of en&ironments$ ' ( )+.*., (se historic and modern maps to locate and describe trade net0or-s among empires in the classical era$ ' ( )+.*.- Describe the significance of legal codes belief systems 0ritten languages and communications in the de&elopment of large regional empires$ ' ( )+.*.*. Create a time line that illustrates the rise and fall of classical empires during the classical period 13ote# 4rite as many as needed$ %ndicate ta/onomy le&els and connections to applicable national or state standards$ %f an objecti&e applies to particular learners 0rite the name1s2 of the learner1s2 to 0hom it applies$2 +remember understand apply analy.e e&aluate create

II. /efore 0ou start Identif0 !rere1uisite 2nowledge and s2ills.

Reading ) the material and being able to pic- out main points
Pre-assessment (for learning):

The teacher 0ill as- 0hat a dynasty is$ The students5 ans0ers 0ill gi&e an indication to their le&el of understanding before the lesson$
Formative (for learning):

Outline assessment activities 1applicable to this lesson2

4hen ans0ers for the main idea are shared in class the teacher 0ill ha&e an indication as to if the students are on target for learning goals$
Formative (as learning):

The pair 6n share is an informal assessment$ The students comparing their ans0ers 0ith a partner allo0s for self'assessment to see if they are grasping the material in the same 0ay as other students$ Summative (of learning2: The students being able to recogni.e and name the ad&ancements 0ith the dynasty is the 0rap up assessment for the day$
Provide 5ulti!le 5eans of 6e!resentation 7ro&ide options for perception' making information perceptible The sheets 0ill be in paper and projected onto the screen$ 7ro&ide options for language mathematical e/pressions and symbols' clarify & connect language 4e 0ill both read tal- in small groups discuss as a class Provide 5ulti!le 5eans of Action and E4!ression 7ro&ide options for physical action' increase options for interaction 4riting and highlighting also tal-ing 0ith another person 7ro&ide options for e/pression and communication' increase me ium of e!pression Provide 5ulti!le 5eans of Engagement 7ro&ide options for recruiting interest' choice, relevance, value, authenticity, minimize threats The students pro&ide the main points instead of the teacher pro&iding for it$ 7ro&ide options for sustaining effort and persistence' optimize challenge, collaboration, masteryoriente fee back 7air 6n Share class discussion

) at barriers mig t t is lesson !resent" ) at will it ta2e ( neurodevelo!mentall03 e4!erientiall03 emotionall03 etc.3 for 0our students to do t is lesson"

Class discussion pair 6n share highlighting on the paper


7ro&ide options for comprehension' activate, apply & highlight

7ro&ide options for e/ecuti&e functions' coor inate short & long term goals, monitor progress, an mo ify strategies Short term goals include the specific material and long term goals deal more 0ith the te/t$

7ro&ide options for self'regulation' e!pectations, personal skills an strategies, self-assessment & reflection 7air 6n Share 0ill gi&e the students time to self'assess and compare ho0 they are grasping the information$

7ic-ing out the main points from the reading and discussing different options

5aterials7w at materials $boo2s3 andouts3 etc& do 0ou need for t is lesson and are t e0 read0 to use"

;rief <8 Doc cam

Same as usual How will 0our classroom be set u! for t is lesson" III. 8 e Plan 8ime + min Com!onents 5otivation 1opening/ introduction/ engagement2 9escribe teacher activities A:9 student activities for eac com!onent of t e lesson. Include im!ortant ig er order t in2ing 1uestions and;or !rom!ts. The teacher 0ill bring up the maps from the The students 0ill get out ;rief <8 pre&ious lesson and connect the geographical setup of China 0ith the de&elopment of China into dynasties 0ithout outside in&aders$

*< mins

The teacher 0ill instruct the class on reading about the dynasties$ 1=ut loud as a class silently in partners'judge by the class2 The teacher 0ill instruct the students in a time of 7air 6n Share$ The teacher 0ill call on students to e/plain their partner5s choice for the main point of the section$

The students 0ill read the section on the dynasties

*. mins 9evelo!ment 1the largest component or main body of the lesson2

The students 0ith the person ne/t to them 0ill share 0hat the most important ad&ancement from each dynasty is and 0hy they chose that ad&ancement$

< mins < mins

Closure 1conclusion culmination 0rap'up2

The teacher 0ill 0rap up the lesson by as-ing the students 0hat the main points of each dynasty are and as-ing if there are any final >uestions$ The teacher 0ill mar- the top ad&ancements that the students offer for each dynasty$

The students pro&ide the information for the main points of the dynasties and 0ill raise any final >uestions$ The students also mar- the top ad&ancements$


=our reflection about t e lesson3 including evidence$s& of student learning and engagement3 as well as ideas for im!rovement for ne4t time. 14rite this after teaching the lesson if you had a chance to teach it$ %f you did not teach this lesson focus on the process of preparing the lesson$2 %n preparing this lesson % found some frustrations$ There is a lot of information here and it is really fun to study the dynasties$ #o0e&er this class is still 0or-ing on reading comprehension and analytical reading$ %t 0ould be too much 0or- on the students especially at this time of the year 0ith all of their end of the year projects and acti&ities for me to assign at home reading$ ?urthermore the students are practicing reading and pulling out the -ey information from the paragraphs$ ;ecause of the time 0e spend 0or-ing on these s-ills there is little class time left$ %deally the students 0ould do this reading outside of class so that 0e can do projects or acti&ities in class$ % 0ould ha&e li-ed to ha&e done either a flipboo- or group presentation on these sections$ The flipboo- 0ould ha&e had a place for each dynasty and its major ad&ancements$ The group projects 0ould separated the class into four groups each ha&ing to present on an assigned dynasty$ #a&ing a short class period and needing to 0or- on the aforementioned s-ills did not allo0 for these projects to come to fruition$ 7erhaps if % had more lessons in my unit or more time in a class period % could ha&e done more projects$ This is my least fa&orite lesson in e/ecution$ The content is great but % 0ould li-e to do this material in a different 0ay ne/t time$