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Honda Civic new

1.Original car entertainment effect diagram.

2.Please use towel cover the gear and prevent shave.

3.Use crisscross screwdriver loosen 2pcs screws in the bottom.

4.Use special tools prize up left cover in the meter platform.

Use special tools prize up bottom board slowly. .5. 6.Take away crews in the bottom and take apart bottom board.

Take away board. 8. . Loosen screws on the meter panel.7.

take away meter panel and prevent s have . 10. .Use your hands prize meter panel towards up .Between meter panel and meter platform with buckle.9.

11. .Unplug meter backlight adjust key-press connection behind meter platform.Take out meter panel from meter platform. 12.

.Unclench panel at top. 14.13.Use special tools prize up it and take down central control board.

Under panel with cables.Can see the back of original mainframe connection.15. . please pull it carefully. 16.

.See the frontispiece angle.17.Disassembly meter panel and central control board panel. 18.

Connect CD control cables and our special cables. .Install special bracket for Fly audio’s new mainframe.19. 20.

22. .21.Fixing screws.Install key-press control board of air-condition.

23. 24. .Fixing knob.Fixing hazard light plug.

25.Fixing screws.Install wind port of air-condition. . 26.

.Fly audio’s special buckle.Install buckle on special panel.27. 28.

30.29. .Special panel and special mainframe are ready now.Back of panel of new mainframe.

Position GPS antenna properly 32.31.Cables connection in backside panel of new mainframe .

34.33. .Put new mainframe embed original central control board.AV cables for back a car.

35. and start-up new mainframe. .Testing connection of backside panel working correctly.Can working after testing is ok . 36.

37. .Install meter panel back. 38.White cable is IPOD connection.

39. .All installation are ready. please see below our car entertainment DVD after upgradin g.