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Benjamin Alpers


Stanford University CLASS OF 2016 B.S. candidate in Biomechanical Engineering

OVERVIEW Stanford sophomore looking to work and learn in medical technology and health products SKILLS Familiar with Adobe Illustrator, Java, SolidWorks, MATLAB COURSEWORK Engineering/design: Medical device innovation, visual thinking, memorial design, design sketching, AutoCAD Mechanical: Sailboat engineering, engineering statics, engineering dynamics, O.D.E.s Bio/science: Cardiovascular diagnostic technology & imaging, bioengineering, biology, physics, chemistry, psychology PERSONAL SKILLS Comfortable and experienced in team settings, multiple graphic design contest wins, musical performance background Member of Stanford Society of Latino Engineers (SOLE) References available upon request

Project Leader SEPT 2013 PRESENT Design for America, Stanford University - Created research methods and timeline in ethnography, rapid prototyping, user testing - Used Stanford Graduate Design School method to limit distracted driving - Scheduled and lead a team of four other undergrads - Presented work at quarterly events Diagnostic Device Lab Volunteer SUMMER 2013 Dept. of Mechanical & Aero Engineering, University of California, Davis - Wrote Arduino tutorial guide for use in capstone project class - Observed gas chromatography and device design Biotechnology Lab Intern JAN JUN 2012 Department of Plant Pathology, University of California, Davis - Used various biotechnology lab skills (PCR, culturing, etc.) - Studied infection mechanism of virus Nicoiana Tobacum - Assisted in experimental design Hydrologic Technician Volunteer AUG 2011 U.S. Geological Survey - Sampled streams in Yosemite National Park for water quality research - Assisted in water sample filtration and stream gaging Private Tutor 2011 2012 - Individual tutoring in math and AP chemistry Vice President, Treasurer JAN 2010 MAY 2012 National Honor Society, Davis Chapter - Coordinated volunteer events for 100-member academic club