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Topic: Linux versus Windows

Thesis Statement:



Attention material: (Let me pose some questions). How many of you are Computer Information Systems major? How many of you ad at !east one "u# in your $Cs w i!e you were runnin# an app!i%ation in t e Windows &peratin# System? Reveal Topic: Establish cre ibilit!: I ave wor'ed for two years as a C.I.S. major on t e Linux Suse and on t e Windows &peratin# System. I ave wor'ed on various versions on t ese two &peratin# Systems. Thesis Statement:

"ain #o !
$inu% a vanta&es: and -i!!ennium. .rue -u!titas'in# System. ) different !o#in in %ode s%reens/ Windows as on!y one. (*ou %an do ) different tas's at t e same time). *ou #et it for free. 0o "u#s. *ou %an %reate your own version of Linux. () different types of des'tops. *ou %annot vio!ate t e password as you %an do on Windows +,