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A. Toponym • Topography ◦ Candaba is located on plain land by the Rio Grande de Pampanga.

A simple location map is provided but also a detailed topography map that shows the location of the nearest places where you can surf, ski or mountain climb if they are close by!. • Plant "ames ◦ • Patron ◦ #aint Agustin ◦ #aint Andrew ◦ #t. "icholas of Tolentino • Personal "ames ◦ Artemio Panganiban$ former Chief %ustice of Philippine #upreme Court ◦ Marcos Soliman of Candaba became an army general and superintendent of the Philippine &ilitary Academy. ◦ Brig. Gen. Ramsey Lapuz Ocampo from Candaba, Pampanga! Police superintendent and regional director of police command '((. )e was responsible for the very good peace and order situation in Cebu City. ref.* +ert Pelayo! ,rnie Turla! ◦ Juan T. Gatbonton. A son of Candaba, he established himself abroad in )ong -ong where he founded and edited .Asia &aga/ine.. )e also edited the premier travel 0ournal of the +ritish colony, .1rientation., and was a columnist for .Times %ournal.. ◦ Gen. Pelagio Cruz from Candaba, Pampanga! )e was at one time the chief of staff of the Armed 2orces of the Philippines. ref.* +ert Pelayo! ,rnie Turla!. B. To n !oun"e" •