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Event Registration
4. Attendee Scan
3. Match Making
5. Booth Map
2. Lead Retrieval
6. Kiosk
ConLacL: durga[ !"#$"""$%&'%
Cur ÞroducLs
)*+,- is a touch based interactive application for your attendees to
search a schedule, exhibitor, speaker or session either by name or by
using the floor map.
.++/0 123 is a configurable visual floor map for managing your
exhibitors with color code and selling booths online.
Scan Attendee is an easy to use Check In app for your events. You
can sell the tickets and Items on site at the event.
Match Leads is a unique mobile and web based one-on-one match
making and meeting scheduler for buyers and sellers. It runs on iOS,
Android and Windows devices
Boothleads Lead retrieval system is a mobile-based lead retrieval app
that lets you generate and rate leads by scanning the QR codes on
badges. It runs on iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices.