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25 oraciones

1. I like dogs. 2. I always get up at 10. 3. I only listen to pop music. 4. What time do you finish your piano lesson? 5. She lives in Florida. 6. A friend of mine never goes to school on time. 7. He hardly ever visits his grandparents. 8. She wants a new computer for her birthday. 9. They never listen to me! 10. I tidy up my bedroom every day. you are going to be a teacher I am writing a letter I am listening to the radio my dog is eating some meat your mother are cooking in the kitchen some people are singing loud she is eating fast food my brother is studying in his room john is crying alone. my cat is sleeping in my bed my father is working in an office everybody is playing in the park the boys are asking some milk the girls are dancing in the night club

I am watching TV 10 Imperativos Stop! Wait! Go to play! Eat! Look! Open the door Turn of the TV Don´t eat Don´t play Don’t say that Don’t come Don´t look Superlativo Longest Shortest Oldest Youngest Highest Lowest Cheapest Fastest Slowest .

Widest Narrowest Strongest Weakest Greatest Calmest Hardest Softest Loudest coldest Cleanest Smartest Stupidest Nicest Latest Rarest Fattest Thinnest Hottest Biggest Wettest Saddest Sunniest Happiest Funniest Prettiest .

Tastiest Dustiest Dirtiest Heaviest Rainiest Cloudiest Scariest Earliest Driest Hungriest Thirstiest Most beautiful Most careful Most interesting Most boring .