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The Wingman Strategy Nikolette Edge Wingman is a strategy that encourages students that are reluctant to take part

in discussions. Their role is to be the observer. They have a form to fill out that will track the groups progress or interactions. The form may have them make a mark each time the group is off task, or mark each time they cite textual evidence. Depending on the goals for the lesson the sheet can be modified to fit. Next the wingman then may write their own response to the work. This could be what they felt was the most relevant piece of information discussed or the information that they would have used to make their case. This allows them to take part in the discussion without having to be verbal, and they must be actively engaged in order to complete the form. I would use this strategy with my shy students or those lacking confidence. It may also be useful for the students that tend to get off track. I brought table into my room this year and have been using groups regularly. This strategy will help improve the group interactions by making them aware of what they are doing well, and what they need to improve.