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Unit 3 2-5-8 Project

Jason Henderson Text: World History (McDougal Littell) Chapter 3Ancient Hebrews 6th grade Social Studies

Modified Chapter Reading

Before reading the chapter, there are three things that could be done to enhance the students understanding of the reading. First, provide students with an essential question to direct their attention to what they are going to learn. The question, How did the Hebrews defend themselves and maintain their beliefs, steers the students towards the goal of the text that they will be reading. Next, discuss with students the ways in which we, as Americans, carry on our traditions, as well as how we are protected locally, nationally, and internationally. The discussion allows them to connect real-life/world experiences to that of the past. Third, review vocabulary that will be covered in the chapter. Having background about a culture that might be unfamiliar to them will help narrow the gap of misunderstanding. During the reading, two steps need to be done to help create meaning and organize thoughts concerning the text. First, symbols will be written by terms that represent 1) how Jews maintained their beliefs and 2) how Jews protected themselves. Once these symbols have been marked, the students will then create a bubble-web, taking the information from the text and placing it in the webs that correspond to either maintaining beliefs or protection. Review with students which scenarios should be included in the webs. As the reading is completed, the students will create a cartoon strip that depicts the important events that were outlined in the web. It would help if the teacher had predetermined scenes for the students to draw that way there is no confusion about what events were important in Hebrew history.