HR Department

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HR Functions
The human resources (HR) department serves as a link between management and employees. Specific responsibilities of HR Dept include –
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Defining positions and related Roles Defining HR Policies and Guidelines Hiring and Recruitment Payroll Employee Career Management Employee Training Salary & Compensation Employee recreation Motivational Activities

Code of Conduct

Add Code of conduct of your company ! !

HR Policies
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Leave Policy Attendance Policy Performance appraisals Trainings Compensation & Salary Employee Recreation

Leave Policy
Add No of leaves in the company and procedures to take leave

Attendance Policy
Attendance and rules related to attendance in your company


The performance review is done bi-yearly in the organization

How do we Access You ?
The promotions in the organization are usually governed by the following factors:  How well an employee performed in his / her present job.  How much potential an employee has for future responsibilities.  How much additional knowledge he / she have acquired for further advancement.  Personal attribute, work habits, attitude towards self and others, ability to get along with the team, leadership qualities, personal contribution to the success of the company determines his / her competence for promotion.  Feedback given by all those who work with the employee such as his / her superiors, subordinates, peers and the customers.

Trainings & Compensation
Trainings Include –
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On-the-job training, Coaching, Classroom training Self trainings Team Trainings

Compensation & Salary – Salary is paid on - of every month. Salary is to be treated as confidential information and no communication is to be done with colleagues and other staff

Work Culture
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Dress Code Language Employee Addressing Email Utilization Feedback Culture Working Days Mobile use

Employee Recreation
Birthdays –

Birthdays are celebrated on last day of the month. arrangements of birthday celebrations are done by the HR department all cost bear by the company.

Picnics –

Any other you can add

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