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The Complete Beneath A Steel Sky Walkthrough - Spoiler 3.27.94 Solvers !"#$T%o&' (itiek' $e)' "*i+,$ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

n the /eginning .... 0et metal ro) on le1t o1 s2reen. #se ro) 32ro4 /ar5 to open the )oor on right. 0o through )oor. A1ter )it2hing the 2op go /a2k )o4nstairs an) e6it to the right. 7ut the 2ir2uit /oar) in the ro/ot shell 3the mi))le pie2e o1 8unk at the /ottom o1 the s2reen5. *ook at the transporter ro/ot. Step on li1t an) 9ui2kly go to the room on the right. "pen the 2a/inet an) get the spanner /e1ore the man 2omes /a2k. Talk to the man an) talk to :oey. 0o /a2k to le1t. Talk to :oey an) have him give the transporter ro/ot a 8ump start. When the transport ro/ot /rings a /arrel an) a2tivates the li1t go )o4n the hole. *ook at the lo2k ne6t to the )oor. Talk to :oey an) have him open the )oor. That 2amera sure 4as help1ul. Sear2h the /o)y an) get his .;. 0o through the )oor. 0o )o4n the 4alk4ay to the right. 0o in the )oor on the right. Talk to the girl 3Anita5. .1 *am/ ki2ks you out' 8ust go /a2k in. 0o to the right. 7ut the spanner in the 2ogs. Take the spanner /a2k. 0o /a2k to the le1t. #se the spanner to loosen the 4el)er shell. Talk to :oey to give him a ne4 shell. 0o right again. Try to go in the room on the upper le1t. Talk to :oey an) sen) him in the store room. %ou 2an 4at2h him through the 4in)o4 i1 you 4ant to. Talk to :oey an) have him 4el) the 1use /o6. When :oey 2omes /a2k' go into the storeroom an) open the gang4ay. The W;-4< an) key are not nee)e). 0et the putty 1rom the 1loor 4here the gang4ay 4as. *eave the storeroom. 0o to the ele2tri2 plant 3le1t' le1t' le1t' le1t' le1t )oor5 #se the spanner to loosen /oth /uttons on the right 2ontrol panel. (ave :oey help you push /oth /uttons at on2e. Shut the s4it2h o11 on the le1t se2tion o1 2ontrol panel. Take the light /ul/ an) put the putty 3plasti2 e6plosive5 in the so2ket an) turn po4er /a2k on. =ake sure /oth s4it2hes are )o4n> 0o /a2k to the li1t 3right' right' right5 *ook at the re) 2a/le an) have :oey 4el) it. #se the i) in the slot on the li1t to go )o4n a level. Congrats. %ou?re no4 getting some4here. !irst thing to )o is pi2k up that 2a/le you 8ust 2ut. Then go to $ei2h?s room 3le1t' green )oor' i) in le1t slot5 an) get the maga&ine un)er his pillo4. 0o to the travel agen2y 3)o4n' right' right' up5 an) talk to the man. 0ive him the maga&ine an) he 4ill tra)e it 1or a ti2ket. 0o 1in) *am/. "utsi)e the apartments is a goo) pla2e. 3e6it le1t' /ottom le1t' le1t' green )oor5 Talk to *am/. 0ive him the ti2ket. (e 4ill give you a tour o1 the 1a2tory as a re4ar). 0o to the 1a2tory 3)o4n' right' li1t' upper right )oor5. Wait 1or *am/' talk to him an) get your tour 1rom him. 0o to the rea2tor area 3right5 an) talk to Anita. 0ive her your i) 2ar) an) she 4ill give you the 8ammer. %ou 2an no4 get more in1ormation 1rom the terminals. %ou must also get Anita to tell you a/out the S2hrie/mann port. The ne6t stop is the implant o11i2e. 3le1t' le1t' le1t' li1t 3make sure :oey 2omes along5' le1t' le1t' le1t5 Talk to the pro8e2tor. (ave :oey talk to the hologram so you 2an get in. 0o le1t an) see the )o2tor an) /arter 1or your port implant. Talk to the )o2 again until he tells you to go see his 1rien) an) this time go see An2hor 3right' right' right' right' right' right5. When you ask 1or the spe2ial insuran2e tell him the )o2tor sent you. When an2hor goes out /a2k to make a phone 2all have :oey 4el) o11 the an2hor. Com/ine the an2hor an) the 2a/le an) you have a grappling hook. 0o /a2k up to the 1ire es2ape 3le1t' le1t' li1t' le1t' le1t' upper right' stairs' right5 an) atta2h the grappling hook onto the Se2urity sign. !orget the lo2kers an) go right to the inter1a2e in the ne6t room. 7ut your i) through the slot an) use the inter1a2e. Wel2ome to +$. 7i2k up the /all. ,6it right. "pen the 2arpet /ag 3use the )oorkno/ in your inventory5. 7i2k up the magni1ying glass an) the /irth)ay surprise. #se the )e2ompress program on the 2ompresse) )ata. 3in your inventory5 ,6it right. #se the pass4or)s you o/taine) on the 1loor spots. .t shoul)n?t /e mu2h trou/le. :ust /asi2ally put one in the 2losest hole an) then pi2k up the other. ,ventually e6it up. 0et the /ust an) the /ook. #se the magni1ying glass on the three )o2uments. @o4 )is2onne2t an) use the terminal 34ith your i) 2ar)5. A2tivate phoeni6 so you have unlimite) a22ess an) s2re4 over *am/ /y taking his 2re)it an) a22ess. Also' /e sure to rea) the 1irst t4o )o2uments in the se2urity servi2es. 0o talk to *am/ again 3he shoul) /e ne6t to the elevator going )o4n5 3li1t' le1t' right5 3i1 he isn?t there 4an)er aroun) an) 2ome /a2k' he 4ill sho4 up5. Talk to him an) get a22ess to his apartment. 0o )o4n to the ne6t level an) go to *am/?s apartment. 3li1t' le1t' green )oor' i) in right slot' right )oor5 !ee) his 2at i1 you 1eel like it an) get the vi)eo tape o11 the /ookshel1. @o4 you 2an go )o4n to the ne6t level. 3e6it le1t' )o4n' li1t5 !irst thing you shoul) )o is go talk to the )oorman. 3le1t5 %ou are then going to nee) a sponsor so go 1in) =rs 7ier)man an) talk to her. When she goes /a2k to her apartment /u&& her so you 2an get in. 3private li1t on rightmost s2reen5 Ask her a/out sponsorship again an) she 4ill go use the phone.

0o play the vi)eo tape you got 1rom *am/?s apartment to )istra2t the )og. Take the )og /is2uits an) leave. 0o /a2k the the elevator an) the /ri2ks. 3e6it li1t' le1t5 When =iss 7 an) her mutt 2ome aroun) again put the )og /is2uits on the plank an) pull the rope. Time 1or the mutt to take a /ath. %ou 2an no4 get into the 2athe)ral. There isn?t mu2h to )o in there /ut you 4ill 1in) that Anita is )ea). 3e6it upper right34here the guar) 4as stan)ing5' up through mi))le )oor' open mi))le lo2ker5 Time to go /a2k to the rea2tor an) investigate. 3le1t' le1t' li1t' right' li1t' upper right' right5 "pen the mi))le lo2ker an) put on the ra)iation suit. 0o right. #se the 2ontrol panel to open the rea2tor an) go get Anita?s 2ar) 1rom the rea2tor. *eave the rea2tor. ,6it le1t. 7ut your 2lothes /a2k on. 0o /a2k to the Se2urity /uil)ing. 3le1t' le1t' le1t' le1t' upper right' li1t5 #se the inter1a2e 4ith Anita?s 2ar). This part is time )epen)ant' you may 4ant to slo4 )o4n the spee). #se /lin) on the 1irst eye' go right' use /lin) on the se2on) eye an) go up imme)iately. 0o up' right' an) pi2k up the tuning 1ork. ;i) you make it in timeA 0o le1t again. #se the play/a2k on the 4ell. ;is2onne2t. 0o )o4n to the park. 3li1t' le1t' right' li1t' le1t' li1t' right5 Talk to the gar)enerB,)uar)o. Talk to the /oy. Talk to ,)uar)o again. (ea) to the 2ourthouse ne6t to the 2lu/. 3le1t' le1t5 ;e1en) (o//ins. A1ter you help him out' go to the 2lu/ 3e6it right /y the )oorman5 an) play the 1irst song on the 8uke/o6. When the o4ner gets up take his glass 1rom the ta/le an) hea) to the implant )o2tor. 3e6it le1t' upper right' li1t' le1t' le1t' le1t5 0ive the glass to him an) he 4ill 2opy the 1ingerprints onto you. Time to pi2k up something /e1ore you go to the 4ine 2ellar. 0o to the she). 3e6it right' right' lo4er right' li1t' right' lo4er le1t5 *ook at the )oor. #se an i) 2ar) on the lo2k. 0o in an) get the 2lippers 3se2ateurs5. (ea) /a2k to the 2lu/ 3e6it le1t' le1t' 2lu/ )oor5 7ut your thum/ on the metal plate ne6t to the )oor in the upper right 2orner. #se the 2ro4 /ar to pry open the li) o1 the pa2king 2ase an) pla2e it on the smaller /o6. Clim/ up on the /o6 an) use your 2ro4 /ar on the grill. A1ter you make the hole use the 2lippers to gain entran2e. 0o through the narro4 passage. 0o right. !ollo4 the )iagonal tra2k. $ight again. @o4 put the light /ul/ in the so2ket on the le1t si)e o1 the hole. =ake sure you )on?t get in 1ront o1 the hole or a monster 4ill get you. 0o right. $ight again. %ou might 4ant to slo4 the game )o4n again. $un )o4n the tunnel or the 2eiling 4ill 1all on you. #se the metal /ar on the plaster a/ove the s4elling in the vein. #se the /ar on the /ri2ks you 8ust e6pose). 7i2k up the /ri2k. #se the metal /ar on the s4elling' then hit the /ar 4ith the /ri2k. 7ull the /ar out again. 0o through the )oor 4hen the repair ro/ot 2omes. 0o through the )oor in the 2enter o1 the s2reen. #se the 2ontrol unit to )e2rease the temperature. 7ull the metal /ar in the 2eiling /e1ore the 2over opens again. 0o /a2k upstairs. 0o to the right. 0o through the )oor. 7ut :oey?s 2ir2uit /oar) in the slot in the /a2k o1 the me)i2al ro/ot. (ave a 2omplete 2onversation. ,6it through the lo4er le1t )oor. 0o to the le1t. *ook through the grill on the 4all. Tell :oey to 2he2k out the tank room. %ou 2an 4at2h him through the grill. Wait 1or :oey to 2ome /a2k. Talk to :oey until you 2an tell him to open the tap on the nutrient tank. %ou 2an 4at2h him through the grill again. "n2e he opens the tap' go to the right' through the )oor' an) through the upper le1t )oor. The an)roi) 4ill 1all through the grate. ,6it to the upper right. 0o through the )oor to the upper right. #se your i) 2ar) in the terminal to open the a22ess )oor. *eave the room. Sear2h the 2orpse an) take :oey?s /oar). 0o /a2k through the upper right )oor. #se the re) link 2ar) to a22ess the inter1a2e. 0o right' /lin) the eye an) go up. #se the )evine 4rath to kno2k out the 2rusa)er. ;is2onne2t. #se Anita?s 2ar) to a22ess the inter1a2e. 0o /a2k to 4here the 2rusa)er 4as an) go right. #se the os2illator to /reak the 2rystal. 7i2k up the heli6 an) )is2onne2t. ,6it the room. 0o through the lo4er right )oor. #se Anita?s 2ar) on the 2onsole. #se the tongs 3ne6t to the right )oor5 to get a pie2e o1 tissue out o1 the re2tangular huge tank. Cui2kly' use the tongs on the 1ro&en huge tank. %ou shoul) en) up 4ith a pie2e o1 1ro&en tissue. ,6it to the right. "pen the 2a/inet un)er the 2onsole 1or the mi))le an)roi). 7ut :oey?s /oar) in the 2a/inet. #se the 2onsole to )o4nloa) the 2hara2ter )ata. $un the startup program. (ave a 2omplete 2onversation. 0o to the right. Tell Den to put his han) on the sensor. 7ut your han) on the other sensor at the same time. :oey 4ill get stu2k. 0o through the )oor. 0o to the right. Tie the 2a/le to the pipe support. 0o )o4n the rungs. #se the tongs on the ori1i2e. 0ra/ the 2a/le. When your 1ather 1alls out o1 the 2hair you 4ill regain 2ontrol 1or a short time. Tell Den to sit in the 2hair. (,E(,E(,.............T(AT?S .T.....A@% C#,ST."@SA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------