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Mrs. Tikellis Class News

April 2014
A.B. Bruce School
Lawrence, MA.


This Month Read ing: . . in.

Readers Workshop
! We have been working very hard this year to rd become great readers and be ready for 3 grade. Be sure your student is reading at home EVERY night!! The reading log must be signed and returned with the Friday Card on Monday.

Welcome Spring!
Spring is finally here!! Can you believe it after the winter we have had? Now that it is spring, the countdown is on until the end of the year. We only have 36 school days left and still have so W much to learn and do. Please be sure your child is on time every day and only absent if absolutely necessary! The students enter the classroom at 7:40 so please be sure they get here on time. Also, pick-up is at 3:15 in the schoolyard!

Writers Workshop:

!! The month of April in National Poetry Month!! We are working on writing poems. By the end of this unit we will have written: Free Verse poems, Couplets, Haiku, Cinquain, Acrostic poems and Shape poems. We will also learn about using figurative language, onomatopoeia, metaphors and similes.

! We began our unit on Geometry this month and the students love it! Next we will learn about fractions and measuring. Then review skills from the year.

Mrs. Tikellis Email: **Feel free to email me anytime with questions.

Science/Social Studies:
In Social Studies we are beginning a unit on Geography. We will learn about the continents, oceans and major rivers Community and the people who work in our school. of the world as well as landforms and map reading. In Science we are studying the weather. We had great fun making pinwheels and exploring how the air moves.

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Summer Academy at the Bruce!

Some great websites to support your learner! The following websites offer games and material to support your student and reinforce skills learned in school. a Bilingual site for parents and educators. A great interactive math site. Fantastic site for reading!! Also, Scholastic has some great material! Ask if you need any other support!!