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Walla Walla Army Airfield - 02/16/1945

Walla Walla Army Airfield - 02/16/1945

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Air Feb.

Nat'l. Hookup
The fame of Walla Walla Army Air Field will be broadcast from Zoast to Coast next Wednesday night, when this field will be saluted on the Coca Cola Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands, from 6:30 to 7 p.m. over the Blue Network r e d Fio Rito and his nationally Eamous .orchestra will furnish the musical salute. A total of 173 stations will air the show, and it will be heard locally over Station KUJ, Walla Walla. The broadcast will originate in the base theatre, and admission will be free for a s many base personnel a s can, be accommodated. Those who would like to attend the show , a r e advised that the doors will open a t 5:45 p.m. and will be closed promptly a t 6:15, in order that everything will be set for the broadcast. At 7 p.m. the doors will be open again, and the show repeated from 7:30 p. m. till 8. This latter show will not be broadcast, but will be a performance for the benfit of those who could not be accommcdated for the first performance. A second performance of the regular movie will begin a s usual a t 8:30 p.m. that evening. Six Nites "The Victory Parade of Spotlight

THESE A R E the provisional and static of fciers of Squadron T-1. Left to right, 1st Lt. Glenn A. Abbott, provisional Group Executive officer,
1st Lt. Milford V. Peck, "A" Flight Leader;' 2nd Lt. Ordean T. Olson, "D" Flight Leader; F. 0. Gehringer, Provisional Mess and Supply Officer; Capt. Marcus D. Carrell, Squadron Commander (static); Capt. Myron Baumgardner, Training Section Commander (static): 2nd Lt. G. C. Wright, "C" Flight Leader; 1st Lt. William G. Stevie, provisional Group Adjutant. Missing ifrom the picture i s 1st Lt. 'David Waxman, "B" Flight Leader.-(Base Lab Photo).



To Honor Squadron T-l at Graduation Exercises on Thursday, February 22



crews, Sqlladron T-1, will be signally honored at special graduatior ceremonies t o be held in the base theatre on Thursday morning, Febru. ary 22nd, a t 10 a. m. T h i s will be the second in the series of thea formal ceremonies to be held at this field, in accordance with bast meni?randum 200-2. T h e impressive event adds a fitting climax tc the termination of training at this station. Featured speaker for the event will be M a j o r Samuel C. Grashia of Geiger Fielw, veteran hero of the early war in the Philippines. T h e exercises begin with the filing in oi the crews to appointed seats in the theatre; preceded by the base band. T h e base band then forms in the orchesera pit and the Commanding Officer, his party and guest speaker enter the theatre and proceed to the stage. T h e program order is as follows: Invocation, Chaplain;. introduction of guest speaker by the Commanding Officer; graduation ;peech ; roll call by the Secretary; awards to the three best crews by the Commanding Officer; presentation of diplomas; and Benediction ~y Chaplain. Picture6 of the three best crews are to be seen on page three.
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Word emanates from Consolidated Mess that a lot of small i t e m of equipment are reportec "A'WOL." These items include suck things as scrub brushes, paring knives and silverware. A word tc the wise: get them back to "proper W a l l a Walla Army Air ~ i e l d ' snewest stellar class of combai station". as soon as..possible. "



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Whoops! More Promotions
Bake enlisted who still haven't recovered from the. pleasant shock of. the 614 promotions that came out in January will really be stunned to learn that another bulk allotment of promotions has been ~eceived from Fourth Air Force Headquarters. These will become effective on or before February 28. Almost all unit; on the field areeligible to participate in the new melon slicing. These include Air Corps, Chemical JYarfare, Corps of Engineers, Medical, Ordnance, Quartermaster and Signal. Finance men may be promoted if a position vacancy exists on their T. 0. Promotions will. be made strictly on the basis of merit in accordance with AAF regulation 35-51.

Decorations To
Major General James E. Parker Commanding General, Fourth Air Force

Be Awarded
Retreat Review
Four enlisted men and several <in of Army Air Forces heroes a r e scheduled to be decorated a t reg~ l a rmonthly retreat-review ceremonies next Tuesday, February 20. The event will be held on the parade grounds with all units participating. However, in the evenj of inclement weather, the ceremon. ies will be held in the base gymnasium. The E M to be decorated and their awards are: T. Sgt. Edward F. Abromeit, Squadron B, Distinguished Unit Badge; S. Sgt. Walter L. Johns, Squadron B, Air Medal; S. Sgt. William E. Bell, Squadron B, Distinguished Unit Badge; and Cpl. Jerome S. Kalis, Squadron B, Distinguished Unit Badge. Mrs. Alice M. Kenyon, Walla Walla, is scheduled to receive the air Medal and one oak leaf cluster, m behalf of her son, 2nd Lt. J a m e s R. Kenyon, prisoner of war. Mr. Harris A. Adams, Pomeroy, Washington, is scheduled to receive (Continued on Page 5)

Clothing Issue Is Curtailed
Field Jackets
No more field jackets will be issued do military personnel stationed in the continental United States-and very little of anything else made of ,wool or scarce materials, according to Lt. Richard J. ~teffanfak, records and administrative officer in general supply. All present stocks of many items in the winter clothing line were ordered returned to the army service forces supply section a t Ogden, Utah, for redistribution. As a result of this order, certain winter clothing items will no longer be carried in squadron supply rooms or base QM supply. Other Items In addition to field jackets, the list of scarce items includes wool overcoats, OD trousers and caps, overshoes, light and heavy wool socks, and wool underwear. This directive affects all class A (new), class B (used) and class CS (combat serviceable) material. (Continued on Page 5)

General Parker

Visits Field
Recently returned from visits t c the European and Mediterranear theatres of operation, and now vis iting installations of his own corn. mand, Major General James E Parker, Commanding General ol the Fourth Air Force, arrived a1 Walla Walla Army Air Field, Wed. nesday afternoon. After- remainin€ overnight, General Parker took of on another leg of his trip Thursday While overseas he viewed A M bases and installations in France England, Belgium, Luxembourg Italy and North Africa, highlj praising the work of the men, man3 of lwhom are "graciuates" of thf training program of the Fourth Air Force. G-ITEMS Tokyo radio report: We a r e pleased to announce the destrucof a n American torpedo by one o f our largest cruisers.




HERE IS THE MAESTRO himself, Ted Fio Rito, who brings his great musical aggregation to the base theatre on February 21-for a coast to coast broadcast on the Victory Parade of Bands.

W A L I A W A L . L O P -

lebmwy 16, I N ,

.. .. . . ...
Gadline for copy is 1400 on the Tuesday preceding publication date delivered to the Walla Wallop office.
. '

COL. DAVID WADE ..,.--..........--..--..---.-.----.Baze Commander ...- < S/SGT. SAM JAFFE ,..........-..-..-.-------..-------------.-----.----Edit~r . Pvt. Alfred McCallunh, Sports Editor; H e . Rbth R. ‘Wheeler, -.~ep&rter;Pfc. Jack Morrisoa, Circulation; T/Sgt. Jean Cail- ' louet, Staff Photographer; Sgt. Charles:Sek, A&?; Cpl. AIL--Misischia, Cartoonist. .


Cpl. Walter R . Bnrnside

Brooklyn: "Whud youse - do be- G.I. : "How about some old fashioned loving?" fore you joined d e Army?" Before the United States entered Pvt.:- "Worked in Des Moines." Cutie: "Okay. J u s t a minutethe war, hany Americans joined Brooklyn: "What kind of moines, 1\11 call grandma." forces with other nations, princi- iron or coal?" mlly Canada and England,' in an Drunk (after bumping into s a m e ?ffort to do their part toward the de.eat of National Socialism and the It takes a lot of experience for a tree three times): "Losht, losht in a n impenetrable forest." By ,Pvt. Ardella C. Pitts lapanese war-lords. This the girl to kiss like a beginner. tory of a man who did just the Honorable Mention in Base Military Essay Contest meverse, the story of 'Corporal Wal.er Ronald Burnside of Gordon, W e a r i n g of the uniform correctly is something we, as soldier Vew South Wales, Australia (a subb Sydney) who spent four years and W A G , should strive to do a t all times regardless of the cohdition ~ r of :ndeavoring to get into a uniform under which w e work. Have you ever heard of Military Discipline-that mental atti md'went to the extent of ehangrag his citizenship to accomplish tude and state of training which renders obedience and proper conduc .he purpose. instinctiv-P under all conditions-and which is founded on respect ant Cpl. Burnside i s now in the loyalty to property? O u r uniform is the property of the United State Jnited States AAF, a radio ope1 (Subject to change or cancellation without netice.) c ttor and gunner on a B-24 Libera G m r n m e n t and when we fail to wear it properly we are showing t Friday, February 16 or bomber, stationed a t the Walll ethers that we neither .respect nor a r e loyal to it. W e are also violatin1 Ualla, Washington, Army Air Fielc BASE THEATRE-"Hangover Square" with Laird Cregar and Army Regulation 600-40 "Wearing of the Uniform." F o r such a deec ,f the Fourth Air Forcey Linda Darnell and George Sanders. Also Edgar Kennedy comedy and Joins Mether Country we can be punished as our superior office& see f;t. Flicker Flashbacks. When the war broke out in 1939 SOUTH CHAPEL-Catholic Mass 5:15 p. m. Confessions 4:45-p. m T h e r e are two types of uniforms in the Army; Dress uniform iustralia went to the aid of it sometimes rcferred to as "A" uniform when blouse o r overcoat is w o n 'mother" country, England, in th Novena immediately following mass. Christian Science service 7:30 p. me JEWISHsTEMPLE--329 East Rose skeet-~ewish Services. 8:00 p. m and "B" uniform when blouse or overcoat is not worn, and the Fatiguc ight against Germany and Italy OFFICERS' WIVES CLUB-Red Cross work, Nurses quarters, 1 t o uniform o r "Work" uniform which includes any uniform that is no 3urnside was an aeronautical en 4 p. m. :ineer with the Commonwealth Air MAIN ST. USO-Whist tournament, prizes. dress. W e were taught in basic that these two uniforms were not tc corporation a t Melbourne be mixed under any conditions. W h e n we mix these uniforms we shou #raft Saturday, February 17 argest city of Victoria province a decided lack of military discipline. W e either have not been taugh mmediately, a roster was madl BASE THEATRE--"Between Two Women" with Lionel Barrymore, to wear it as it should be worn or we are just failing to adhere to whad ~p by the government of thosc Van Johnson and Gloria d e Haven. Also Unusual Oocupatisns and vho could enter the service am Terrytoon. we were taught. OFFICERS CLUB--Dance in Club' Lounge, 9 p. m. Buffet. T h e uniform of the United States identifies you a t all tim& as i hose who could not. Those in vita NCO CLUB-Dance, Swing Combo. soldier of the United States Army and shoyld never be worn withoui ~mploymentcould not leave thosc USO-Archery, 4 p. m. Motion pictures, 7:30 p. m. Bingo, 9: 15 p. m. obs to go into the Army. Burnsidc the insignia which '.'includes, all the metallic o r embroidered article! vas included with house who hat MAIN STREET USO-Bingo, prizes given. SOUTH CHAPEL-Mass a t 12 noon Confessions at 4:00 p. m. to which are worn on the uniform that serve to identify the wearer as 2 o stay on the hob. He tried the Royal Australia) 5:00 p. m. and 7:00 p. m. to 8:00 p. m. member of the Army of the United States-his grade 'and arm of serv. ice, his organization in some instances, and other incidents of his s e w rir Force and the Australian I m Sunday, February 18 ~ e r i a l Forces but was turnec . ice such as wound and war service chevrons." BASE THEATRE--"Pan Americana" with Phillip Terry and Audown. The national register wouli drey Long. Also RKO Pathe News and March of Time, "Port on Italy." T h e uniform is worn at all times when out of quarters unles!jln , lot allow it. Two brothers wen USO-Musical program, 4 p. m. Social tea, 4:30 p. m. Sing Around dressed .for exercise o r some similar duty. I t is w o r n when dining a t l into the Australian Navy and Ronthe Piano, 5:30 p. m. Movies, 7:30 p. m. nt. I;ild Burnside kept trying to get intc home on leave o r furlough if there are more than two guests prese~ MAIN ST. USO-Vesper Services, Squadron C. Jubilee 'Singers. miform, only to be continually reAnd, above all; it should be always neat, clean and repaired. Ovc OFFICERS' CLUB-Dance trio in the "Wolves Den" 8 p. m ected. NCO CLUB-Dance, 8:30 p.m. coats, jackets and shirts should never be worn unbuttoned. Same Luck NORTH CHAPELRot.?stant Services: 10 a.m. Holy Communion. Paragraph 7b, Field Manual 21-15 can give you a detailed t A friend from the aircraft plan1 10:45 a.m. Vespers, 4:30 p.m. Evening worship, 7:30 p.m. planation of the M a n n e r and Wearing of he Uniform. was having the same luck. EventuSOUTH CHAPEL-Catholic Services: Holy Mass, 7:30 a. m.; 11:30 ally the friend got into an arm3 We are American Soldiers regardless of our race, creed o r colt Monday, February 19 :amp, remained there for two T h e uniform we don each morning as we rise t o begin our varied tas;ks < ~ e e k sand was kicked out. Witb BASE THEATRE-Repeat of Sunday program. is the uniform of the American nation---our nation! W e should Ire- his in mind, Burnside decided tc SOUTH .CHAPELCatholic Mass, 5:15 p. m Confessions a t 4:45 spect this uniform and each qnd eSery one of us should feel higk1 1 ~ t ry to get to America and sough1 p. m. a honored to be one among the millions who wear it. W e should be t:x- I~ermissionto leave Australia, enUSO-Square dance, 8 pi m. MAIN STREET. USO-Service Mens' wives meeting. e r the Upited States and continue tremely proud of it and every one should be able to see that we a re t klis studies a s an aeronautical enproud of it. Tuesday, February 20 Izineer. W e are the best dressed soldiers in the w o d d ! Let's not for€ ! e t He was given eighteen months BASE THEATRE--Double Feature: "She Gets Her Man" with Joan that fact. M a y we always hold in high esteem this uniform, our UI ni- in which to do this 6ut new dif. Davis, William Gargan and Leon Errol. Also "Nevada" with Robert iculties arose. The Australian Mitchum and Anne Jeffreys. "Objective Burma," with Errol Flynn form of our country and our Nation--AMERICA! - f€government approved of the idea and Henry Hull. Also RKO Pathe News. 1:mt could not finance him. The airOFFICERS' CLm-Afternoon: Officers' Wives Club, wrapping k- !raft company could not pay his surgical dressings, 9:30 p. m. to 1. p. m. Evening: Monte Carlo Bufvay and Burnside's own money fet, 8 p. m.rras "frozen" by government order USO-Apron and Tie Dance, 8 p. m. SOUTH CHAPEL-Catholic Mass 3 1 5 p. m. Confessions a t 4:45 n the outbreak of the war. Deermined to make the trip, he found p. m. MAIN ST: USO-Old fashioned barn dance ~ork on a Swedish freighter to pay is way across the Pacific ohean. Wednesday, February 21 Tries R A F ' BASE THEATRE--Braadcast. 6:30 p. m. Ted Fio Ritto Spotlight Arriving in the United States he P a r a d e of Bands, and 7 p. m. "Objective Burma" with Errol Flynn ould not work in a vital industry, and Hsnry Hull. Also RKO Pathe News. eing an alien. Unable to continue USO-Movie, March of Time, 7:30 p. m. Archery, 9:30 p. m. is studies, he tried the Royal Air MAIN ST. USO-Whist, bozlrnament, prizes. 'orce through its famed Eagle *NCO CLUB-Bingo night. cyuadron. N e e d i n g a certain NORTH CHAPEL--Protestant mid-week meeting, 7:30 p. m. . mount of flying time to gain a SOUTH CHAPEL--Catholic Mass, 5 1 5 p. m. Confessions at 4:45 p. rn lace in this squadron, he started fter the h&rs in the air. Nearing Thursday, February 22 is goal, he was again stopped when Washington's Birthday ecruiting for the Eagle squadron BASE THEATRE-Repeat of Wednesday's program. 'USO-Wives Sewing group, 1 to 4 p. m. Arts and crafts class, 7 .as closed. Next effort was for the cadets p. m. Learn to Dance class 8 p. m. MAIN ST. US-Movie, "They Came to Blow Up America" E United States Army Air Force. e almost made the grade there,' SOUTH CHAPEL--Catholic Mass, 5:15 p. n Confessions a t 4:45 ~ l y to be shoved out again when >.m. to 6:00 p. m. lforts to waive his citizenship NCO CLUB--Dance, 8:30 p. m. ~iled. The United StatPs had en-I 8 p. m. OFFICERS' CLUB-Dance trio in the "Wolves Den" !red the war by this time and it' a s nearing the close of 1942. o America. ltime and study a t Walla Walla Arriving back in the States, h e Army Air Field toward becomOverseas He was offered a position for vas able to enlist in the AAF i n ing a very efficient radio operator verseass duty with tho Hindustan lecember of 1943. This was a big and gunner on a Liberator bomber, ircraft, Ltd., and accepted. He lay for the young m a n who. had and he hopes soon to be winging ent by plane to South America ried so long and so hard to get over the Pacific. ?d Africa and thence on to India nto uniform and battle. But this be- He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. nd China where he served until ,ame only the second biggest day, Colin C. Burnside of 58 St. Johns "I guess he can't stand shots. This is the third time te in 1943. After meeting the or in February of 1944, Burnside Avenue, Gordon, New South Wales, he's passed out!" rany fine soldiers a t the fronts ~ e c a m e a citizen of the United Australia, and h a s attended both nd getting new feelings over Itates, to him "a really great day."Sydney Technical college and Mel~tizenship in the United States of Studies bourne ~ e c h n i c a lcollege. He h a s merica, Burnside resigned his At present, Corporal Burnside, two brothers in the Royal Austraposition in China and headed back n row 23 years old, is devoting his lian nav)r. .

All signed articles represent the writers' opinion and are not necessarik the views of the staff of the paper. Contributions should be addressed ta Editor, Walla Wallop, Army Air Field, Walla Walla. Washingtorr. This pape receives Camp Newspaper Service.

I ..

Sgt. Ralph Freas with all the gripes out o f his ~ 3 ~ 1- . , Vfc. Jim Gallagher .having-a midnight cup -of coffee almost every . --nigm. . . , , Cpl. V. ~ ~ & p & ; busy # I lighting t ~ # his oh, flame. ' 0

. .. .,

..."Honest John" Elam on his way to his morning cup of coffee.' . . Cpl. George Wagner welcoming the family to Walla Walla. . . . Sgt. Dom Pagliuca working long and hard a t his job. . . . Phil Green putting a real night a t . . . Sgt. Irwin Sinelkoff a s a "pistol packin' poppa." . . . Sgt. Nykk Marcello happy to be back from furlough.
T. Sgt. Harry Holloway really a demon a t valleyball.

Pvt. Roderick Carmosino as a rising supply man.

Pvt. 'Richard Ecker becoming a steady truck driver.





( I











the W&

by Sansonc ,.






16. 1945


W A L L 0 9




Income Tax Aid
Legal Office ~ e l p s

Is Offered -

ARC Drive To Start Soon
Great Cause

An annual headache for s o m personnel, the filing of income ta returns, i s getting to the aspiri stage, with deadline day, Marc 15, approaching with undue rag idity. Major Daniel Boone Smith, Lt gal Assistance Officer, and- hi staff, with headquarters in th Combat Crews Building, are read willing and able to assist all pel sonnel in solving this knotty proh lem. They have a supply of ta forms available and expert know ledge on how to fill out thes forms. With the deadline not too far of1 Major Smith sends out an appea to all who plan to avail themselve of their service, to come in as sool a s soon as possible, and avoit the last minute rush. Each persoi should come prepared with a rec ord of his total income, both mil itary and outside. If any tax werl paid by the withholding method a record of deductions should b c brought along, a s well as the em ployer's receipt for these deduc tions. A few pointers to remember i t filing an income tax return are 1. That the first $1500.00 of mil - h a r y pay can be excluded in cal culating for income tax purpose! the total amount of income r e ceived. 2. Miritary pay is not subject- tc the withholding tax. 3. Base pay, longevity pay, fly ing pay and per diem received ir excess of actual expenses incurrec a r e required to be included in cal culations for income tax purposes 4. These rules a r e applicable i r determining income tax liabilitj for the years 1944 and 1945.

CREW No. lW. Front row, left to right, 2nd Lt. Lawrence G. Taylor, navigaitor, 2nd U.William 0. Whetsell, dilot, F . 0. James W. Beadling, c+pllot and 2nd U .James E. Muenker, bombardier. Reat row, left to right, Cpl. Robert 6 . Peterson, Cpl. Robert W. Putney, Cpl. William A. Sloan, Cpl. P ~ u B. l Davis, Cpl. Roy H . Bassler and Cpl. William T. Hall, Jr.-(Base Lab Photo).

The annual Red Cross drive gets inder way a t WWAAF from Febv a r y 28 and will continue until klarch 31. No financial . goal has )een announced a s yet, but heavy ;upport is anticipated, in view of what the Redacross means to men n the armed services. I t has been pointed out that EM vill not be solicited for contribuions on this base. However, any C M or E W who desires member!hip in the Red Cross can teceive t by payment of the $1 member,hip fee. Necessary information on his is available through squadrm >ommanders. Any donations which C M wish to make from l c up, will B e accepted through squadron orlerly rooms. The Director of ~dministratibn vill be chairman of the drive on he field, and will co-ordinate the anvas of officers and civilians. ie will be assisted by Major Berlard J. Richter, Troop Cornnander, Lt. Alfred Robinson, Ciilian Personnel Officer, and Lt, oel Lawhon, Public Relations Of. icer, who will be head of the lpecial Events Committee.

Calling All KPs!
Are you one of those EM or E W who sport four stripes or less and find your name on the K P roster from time to time? If so, if, while toiling a t this tiresome task, do you visualize any means of speeding up the work, making i t more efficient or sanitary? If the answer is yesathen heed this article. Lt. Col. William J. B. Avery, Director of Administration, is anxious to receive constructive sug- BREW No. 132. Front row, left to right, 2nd L t . W. S. McGee, navigator, 2nd Lt. 3. W. Cottle, co-pilot,, gestions and criticisms from KPs !nd Lt. V. G. Miller, pilot and Znd Lt. J. C. Collins, bembardier. Rear row, left t a right, Cpl. W. 8. on thia subject. Koelsch, gunner, Cpl. D. W. Merrow, engineer, Cpl. R. E. Robinson, gunner, Cpl. C. J. Hamilton, gunSeveral eager KPs have already ner, Cpl. R. C. Klinkicat, radio operator and Cpl. R. L. Finkle, gunner.-(Base Lab Photo). turned in some progressive ideas, and these a r e being followed out. Legitimate suggestions only will be heard. "Gripes" will have to be voiced to the Air Inspector or Chaplain a s usual. Make your job of KP easier. Communicate your good ideas to the DA.

To Fete T-1 at
ontimed from Page 1

This class received highest raise h.om tlie officers responble for their training and admintration. The statements of three Yicers follow and are self explaniory: Major Peter R. Kiernan, C o r n 1 landant of Crews: "Squadron T composed of well trained crews nd should make a good name over!as." Capt. Marcus D. Carrell, SquadATTENTION, ALL In Commander ; "In parting with CALIFORNIANS! is squadron I a m very happy to md such well trained crews ,into This information is for the bene,mbat against the enemy. I think fit of all base servicemen who hail at they will be able to cope with from the state of California. At the 1y situation which m a y arise. In last general election in the state, ly dealings with these crews I a bill was passed to afford a tax exw e found them to be the type emption of $1,000 on real and percrews that -permit nothing to sonal property. This will apply to the taxes beginning with the 1945I gf:t them down." Capt. Myron Baumgardner, Com_ 46 fiscal year. To get advantage oi manding Officer, Training Section - this exemption, servicemen or their 1: "It is a pleasure to turn out wives must file necessary affidavits . Olson, pilot, 2nd Lt. Bruce 0. Covig, co-pilot, 2nd such well train& group of crews. a n d pxemption claims with their CREW No. 141. Left to right, 2nd Lt. Ordean T t a x collector between the first Mon- Lt. 0. D. Hagerdorn, bombardier, F. I. John H. Russell, liavigator, Cpl. William 3. Harsanyi, Cpl. I am confident that they will make day in March and the last Monday Alfred L. Liberman, Sgt. William E. Mear, Cpl. Albert A. Homan, Jr., Cpl. Virgil C. Peterson, and Cpl. their mark in whichever theatre of operations they a r e assigned to." Lab Photo). Clarence L. Robert.-(Base in June.



'ByCpl. George







By Pvt. George 8. Cook By George Henry Tfie one and ofly Waoky" Gather around, 3;ou seals, and' latch on to this hype I'm dropping about the info dug up by the Squares of Squadron "C" in the last past sevens. Ready, Mr. Freddie. Bein,g somewhat slumped by the recent departure of quite a few enlisted men transferred to the 3rd AF, McDill Field, Florida, we a r e glad to announce that the squadron's flourishing stamina is still a t its best. Many of us were sorry t e see the 'boys depart, but to CpL Kenny Snell i t is advantageous. Quote: "Well, Boys, it's getting better all the time. Pretty soon there won't be anyone left but me". Unquote. Sgt. William T. Greene, the 'chief Wheel' of the organization, has returned from furlough and h a s already started the wheel a-turning. He requests that everybody crowd in around the spokes and ride along with him. When asked h-ow be enjoyed his furlough, his only answer was: "Too Short". Flash! C Squadron P a t h Find?rs have set out on their benders o cop the info trailing a fair little bliss's plea for the company of one jgt. By the way, where is SEt. ChucK Brame? E M Of The Week Have you ever been to Cincinlati? Have you ever walked the ;treets of fame? Did you ever wonler why a city so large could have ;uch a funny name? Ask Pvt. 3eorge E. Jackson, a Cincinatti lhio boy for true; so latch on while : lay down his past pedigree. Pvt. Jackson was born a n d reared in the City of Cincinnati, 3hio. His father being a b a n d eader, was the source of inspira,ion leading to his theatrical achievements. Before his induction. m the armed forces, Pvt. Jackson tripped along the line a s a memoer of a great professional dance team tagged "The Three Dukes'. -, He, along with the others, h a s displayed his talents in some of the leading nite-spots of the country, namely 'Paradise Theatre' in Detroit, 'Cedar Gardens' in Cleveland, Dan Montgomery's in BufEalo, N.Y. and the 'Club Delisa' and Regal Theatre of Chicago, Ill. We regret to say that since' being in the A r m e d Forces, Pvt. Jackson has had little opportunity to display his dancing ability, but he is not without hope. His two former partners a t the present a r e connected with the US0 shows, a n 4 are doing their bit for the morale of service men all over the country. Carry on, Jack. There'll come a time- now what do you bet?, -Mop!


THE FINE RECORD of discipline and behavior of military personnel in the city of Walla Walla can be attributed to the combined efforts of the military police of Walla Walla Army Air Field and McCaw General Hospital and the shore patrol from V-12 a t Whitman College. m e city of Walls Walla offers outstanding co-operation to the milktary police staff by placing a t their disposal a headquarters room in a l e City Hall and maintaining liaision with the civilian polce. The MP station downtown is open nightly from 5:30 p.m. and there a r e no less than six MPs and two SPs on duty. The entire policing staff i s pictured above in a picture taken at the downtown MP station. Front row, left to right, Sgt. J. J. Skelton, Sgt. Fred W. Cooke, S. Sgt. George R. Grazini, Verne Hanrahan, AM lc, Cpl. John J. Malone, Sgt. Timothy E. Gyles and Pfc. Arlis F. Garner. Rear row, left to right, Capt. John Hahnel, Provost Marshal, Walla Walla Army Air Field, Sgt. R. B. Ashely, Pfc. Moore, Sgt. J. J. Polyner, S. Sgt. R. C. Gardiner, Pfc. York, Sgt. Sturdican, T. Sgt. Gilbert Huck and L t . James W. Creek. Provost Marshal, McCaw General Hospital.-- (Base Lab Photo).


By Pfc. Ruth Rowland There were more ratings for th Wac last week. The following er listed women who have been in th Army for one year, and sever; f o r two years, were promoted t rank of Private First Class. The are Helen Bradshaw, Louella P Dent, Virginia A. Jackson, Norin L Moore, Madeline Williams, Mi dred Cook, Gladys B. Dreher, E v M. Mask, Mary S. Thompsor Thelma R. Quiller, Harriet L. Hur ter and Ruby Wyatt.

Bradshaw, Wyatt, Cook a n Hunter a r e veterans of the WAAC Cook and Hunter have the seniol ity. The squadron congratulates a of these good soldiers. A correctio of an error in last week's issue CpL Catherine Williams and Cp' Berenice Young received promc tions. Everyone was happy to se (Peggy). Cpl. Rosetta Copelanc who was on pass Sunday. P v 1 Ruby Cotherine is improving s Station hospital. Calling all "Hobby" hats, botl summer and winter, was t h c SOS last week. ThC brass coat o arms, and summer blouses werc also turned in. After all, the style: change for women, ;ven if they arc in the Army. Wac e f the Week Private Josephine M. Wilson wa: born and educated in Philadel phia. West Chester, Penn., a n c New York City, N.Y. a r e the citie! in which she received the latte: part of her education. At the timc of her induction she was a student Business Administration was he1 1 e I college course. She received ' basic training a t Ft. Des Moines Iowa; and came to WWAAF las f a l l . Her assignment is clerk typis Combat Crews HQ. The Wilson family h a s all three youngsters in the armed services The only brother is now overseas and one other sister, who is i member of the Women's A r m Corps, is now stationed a t Cam] Atterbury, Indiana. Joe's mothe is employed a t a defense plant il Philadelphia. The Wilson family i, 100 per cent i n the war. This vivacious young woman ha "charm" and because -of her dy namic personality, sincerity, a n c high character, she is one of thc most popular girls i n the squadron Private Wilson likes all sports a t roller skating she is best. He hobbies a r e dancing and music

Failure o r . Success in Life By Chaplain Bishop Cpl. Albert T. Clinton of the ProBy Corporal Charles F. Dowd . vost Marshal's Section h a s just received word that he is the proudI Failure is not so much a lack We welcome 1st Lieut. Carlson father of a baby girl. Congratula- oiE achievement, but is more a our new dietician. We have fivt tions, daddy! Hope that you have! nlatter of self-confidence. One car new men in the squadron t h i : many more! ! ! ! lrn failure into success by con. t~ week. They came from Lemoort Sgt. Hilliard Marks come i n the! ti nuing to believe in himself. The Field. All say they a r e enjoying orderly room. this week looking for ,bc oy who whistled to keep up his their new jobs. c cmrage when going through s his discharge. I t seems that Sgt. Practically everyone you s e t Marks has just completed his firs1; glrave-yard, got through safely. He around here now a r e either on z three year hitch in the army. Sorry, hiad found a way to keep alive the diet or starting on one. The lates' Sgt. Marks, it looks a s if you will! Sl~ i r i of t VICTORY in his own soul to start is (The Nose) Cochrane have to sign up for another threeI That's where the flame must be That Scotch heart really flutter: years. k cept burning. when he passes up that good fooc It seems a s if Pfc. RussellI I believe that God has a persona' and free, too. Weaver is counting on his daughter ir~ t e r e s t in me. I am a Child ol They tell me Virginia and Rudj having a good set of teeth. I n the! G od. He made me. He has m j are quite some bingo players. $I[ mail room t h e other morning he, alffairs on His great heart. He i: isn't hay. :ying to make something worth was putting some kind of medal on t= Cpl. Bradovich started early or a wire and it resembled a teeth-. wvhile out of me. I will, therfore X Yieet every circumstance with con. his Pendleton rendezvous t h i r ing ring. week. What is it up at Tollgate, Ore-. fidence. The doctors tell of peoplc A certain S. Sgt. and a c u t f gon, that makes Cpl. Harry Rod-. w ho have starved to death witk stenographer used underhand 'tat* griues go there every chance he! sf.omachs full 6f food-but not thc ri ght kind. They had been eating tics on your reporter last week ir gets? finishing the column. They botk S. Sgt. Kent A. Klay left this blut getting no vitamins. So witk better beware or they will be pa. week for his new home in Squad- tkle spiritual side of ones' nature tients at that place they work. ron B. Sgt. Klay works a t Direc-, To be mentally and spirituallj clalthful, one must absorb the righl It's up every morning a t 7 since tor of Operations and we w i 11 h Ipera made Corp. miss his cheery and sometimes S O~ r tof mental and spiritual food. A song puts it, "Let Go and Let Massey attempting to lose a few infectious laugh in Barracks 437. When one lets go of his I )ounds. How can he with all that Speaking of 437, we feel like hang- . G od." e ars and worries and takes a trustiussian candy? ing a delicatessen sign in a certain .f Judy Cochran having a terrible corner upstairs, where one can us- fu1 attitude toward God, and does ime with the wolves a t the Exam ually find such delectable morsels hi s best, he will find a sense of lease and relief. If the way is ~ection. as anchovies, sardines, olives, sa- re nc)t yet clear, it will become so .Curly Mayes is barred from the lomi, etc. be!fore he has to walk in it-at nound table these noons. No place like a home in t h e le ast the first step. Anxieties That 9 ball game i s making Army 1 nadually dissolve, tensions lesson, € 9 Shifty) Moran financially inw corry disappears and the spirit of lependent. takes command of him. co~nfidence "DOC" came very nearly missTIlat spells SUCCESS. 'lke secret ng the r a t race Saturday nite. "of it all, if indeed it is a secret, McIntosh is quite the chauffeur. is to keep close to God, our Maker t can easily be "Taxi, Mister?" -the ultimate power under-girding tfter the war. a11 worthwhile success. A first-aid I enjoyed the hospitality of the to God is to &tend and participate Ninnesota couple last Tuesday eveAnother week has roiled around in the worship services in the ling. lapel weekly. @ 1 Sight to see. "Rosy" Afferbach and off comes the cover from the c md his patients policing the area. typewriter, and, a s the dust clears ishes to know the Patest news, It's "Casino" Bell now. Anyone away, another column for the W. paper is about to go to press. PIease see these -two gentlemen in :an keep i n spending money. Sad Sack, now Sgt. Bauer, has bztrrack No. 404. Our bowling team i s leading the eague now. Cary says he can hold returned to the base f r o m ' a three The Squadron's strong man finds kis average, but it's hard to drag week furlough and from the looks hi mself on his back in the hospital. ow come, Douglas! M b a b l y too of things the second part of the HI zhattanooga Beagle Puss along. Heard from Lou Welton. He is en- war for ages will not be long off. m any chin ups, during off duty hcmrs. Our genial first sergeant is oying Blythe. Lou qnd Junkins are When is it to happen, Dick? Has anyone got an extra adju- nc,t quite so crabby nowadays, be)Id buddies. C iiuse of added help. Could be! Until next week, I'll be seeing tant to spare for a while? All you fellas who have your gal Who is that certain S. Sgt. by ra. the name of Porky, who is smiling fr iends call through the day WAC recruting office?: "S c once again, after four weeks of rcborn best watch out, because there rou say you a r e married. When?" frowning, and then frowning once a1.e quite a few wolves who have again while pulling K.P. last Sun- thle nice habit of taking telephone Recruit: "I don't know." and putting them in their nl~ m b e r s , W. R. 0.: "You mean you don'l day. Our Squadron has two more new lilltle black books, for future advenmow when you were married?" Recruit: "Oh, I thought y 0 u commentators, Harold Braatz, and tur e s in Walla. So, don't say we Meyer Comsky, so if any oneI, djdn't warn you lovers in advance. said 'Why?



C -


Radio Show
(Continued from Page 1) Bands", sponsored nationally by The Coca-Cola Company, i s heard six nights a week from Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Narine Bases, and from War Proiuction plants the country over. Ted Fio Rito and his great or:hestra have appeared on many .adio programs, including Old Gold, VIJB Coffee, .Log Cabin Syrup, Vonder Bread and the Fitch Band Nagon. His film work includes iniumerable shorts for MGM, Para- ' nount and RKO. Featured entertainers with Fio Rito a r e Ward Swingle and the orizinal "Candy" Candido, I t 'is un:ertain as to whether the Solidaires auartet will appear, a s previously innounced. "Candy" "Candy" Candido, featured cornxly base, comedian and singer, 'ormerly with Ted Fio Rito, more -ecently with Uncle Sam, received in honorable discharge from ser{ice and has rejoined the Fio Rito xchestra in his orginial capacity. Candido's specialty i s a comedy routine with his base fiddle and ,he spot was always a highlight ooked forward to by fans of the Fio Rito menage. "Candy's" soiourn with Uncle Sam, if anything, xightened the humor of the t a l e n t XIcomedian. His songs a r e the slightly goong fariety so popular in the present 3ay musical set up. Oa Thursday evening, Washington's birthday, Fio Rito and his band will appear a t the Armory in Walla Walla for a community dance. Admission is $1.25 per person.














By S. Sgt. Walter T.


Probably no other single activi i n f h e army routine comes in f c wailing and moaning more th: does the drudgery of kitchen polic I t is looked forward to with ui happy misgivings, endured w i suffering silence, and looked bac upon with relief. Since the $96. b o y s have been added . the preferred list for regular dul s mess attendants few of us e cape a day in the mess hall ; more or less regular intervals. IY 'one feels like singing on K P da: but here is a short parody on "M Bonnie Lies Over The Ocear which hits some of the high spo in the GI's least popular of ir door sports. KP Your body lies under the blanket, The hour i s three f<rty-five; It's your day to slave in the kitchen, And finish more dead dhan alive. KP, KP, And finish more dead than alive. The Sergeant says 'you slice the cold cuts,' And cold cuts you slice by the ton; . Your buddies all head for the barracks, But your work is only hall done. KP, KP, but your work i s only half done. It's eight, but it seems more more like midnite, The tables are lined up and neat; The pusher s a y s 'you ,can go home now,' You stumble out, dead on your feet. KP, KP, and stumble out dead on your feet. Your body lies under the blanket, Each muscle and joint aches with pain, You're tired, but all you can think i s .How soon will I pull i t again? . KP, KP, how soon will I pull it again? Incident Seems a s though h u m o r h s in cidents just wait around for S. Sgl Irwin-and then they happen While doing the family marketin; last week in one of the local chaii stores he fimnd a dime on the floor just beating a n old lady standinl nearby to the draw. He grinnec and she said "wasn't that nice,' and he agreed that i t was. Shl went on to tell the sarge that sht
surery did like to find dimes anc

CWO Harry I. Martin, Base Salvage Offiver, and Sgt. William J. Norbert, J r . survey the mountain of neatly folded tin cans, ready f o r salvage. A t left. Pvt. Frederick 'Sauve is seen amidst a pile of broken helmet liners, which a r e to be stripped for salvageable materials. - ( ~ a i e Lab photo by Cpl. Harry Rodrigues).

I'he Story of Salvage at WWAAF: Nothing Wasted
By Pfc. Ruth Rowland
W h e n WWAAF was reactivated last spring, the Base Salvage Iepartment opened for business, and Sgt. William J. Norbert, J r ays, " W e started from scratch with a room and a ten foot yard. Yrom this small beginning a colossal business has grown. T h e militar sersonnel will appreciate knowing the facts about salvage, and th ivilian population has a right t o know the story of what is done. Like Mother Nature, the salvage department utilizes ever] hing. In so doing, dignity has been put into labor and the intake rur: to cash. I t is with great pride that Sgt. Norbert shows the method i rhich he and his co-workers go about this al! important job. Wast aper runs into the tons and every scrap is pressed and baled neat1 nd then stacked against the wall until it is shipped away. E g g an egetable cases are repaired and sold to wholesale dealers. Bones as rage hundreds of pounds per day and are sold to civilian firms. By S. Sgt. Murray B. Rae And %Sgt.Barney Jerman By Cpls. Brehm and Smith Tech. Sergeant Peter M. Kelly While strolling through the are: was seen floating around the the other day we saw "Bingo" read Squadron area in fatigues. This ing a sign. I t said "Wet Paint' sergeant, believe it or not, was sweeping out Capt. Wiehe's headand darn if he didn't. S. Sgt. Angelo Gagliola was tell quarters. Said sergeant was seen ing the boys his brother was a pan going to the Chaplain and Capt. handler, "Yep, he's a ward boy i~ Wood. Six of our boys a r e now in the a hospital", pipes the character What some guys won't do for z process of packing and by the time that this goes to print will be on gag. their way to the ground forces or, Who Wants to Grow? in plain simple language, the rugTalkin' about families. . M o m m ~ ged old Infantry. These boys are (T. Sgt. Charlie Morris), Popp: Sgt. Whittington, Pfc. Englesgaard, (S. Sgt. Merle Fixen), and Sonnj Cpl. Gall, Pvt. J. L. Price and (Sgt. Clarence Glawe) celebratec Pvt. Slominski. the reuniting of the family circlc Sgt. Alexander Tumolo has tranby taking Sonny down to the NCC Club for a few. Mom and Pop arc ferred from the Motor Pool to the bringing him up on the bottle, anc Commissary. Last seen he had I don't mean the Moo Juice. Don'l spilled cases and catsup all over they know that the stuff will stun1 the back room, but Lt. Carroll hasn't found out about that a s yet. Sonny Glawe's growth! S-St. Joseph Aiello, the squadron. In From Detroit "The Lover," alias "Roger the supply sergeant, was seen over jn Lodger," Ralph Simmons j u s 1 Pendelton spending his well earned breezed in from Detroit with some three day pass. wild-tales about the "Flivver City". Empty 1 understand there was a mad rush Lewiston was rather empty this down to the hangar. .all the guys week with the usual customers of want to go to Engine school now! Pfc. Michael Marini and M-Sgt. No Middle Aisle Herman Owens being the only ones Cpl. Benjamin L. Pollock, is seen up there. sweating it out no more. Sunday he We have been wondering just flashed his brand new stripes at his what is wrong with our Admisism e and only, Marie by name, who trative Officer, Lt, Litin, He has xeeled in fmm Vab Wert, Ohio a v e r y rough looking patch right for a couple of weeks here. We saw square in the middle of the head. em dancing on a cloud at the NCO He swears it was a door. 2lub the other night, but 'IT h e To Pnd this c o h m n we will tell 3ock" sez it ain't wedding bells you that one of the authors has vet-and we believe him. just been promoted. We doff our lids to the Sgt. Just one more item from here Pettits who zephyred to Pasco on in the Squadron F basketball and waited seven long hours for cesses to lose, since Lt. Donald her ta come in. It was a very JC. Litin has become Official Refnoble deed indeed. Reminds us eree. of a couple of trips Sgt. Mose Enders and Cpl. Mickey Kitynski made for the boys in the outfit. Back also is Sgt. Louie Core to supply from Buffalo and Florida. The latter trip, so Lou says, was According to a story appearing to see Saydie for a couple of days. A quartet of recruits were wel- in a base newspaper of a Second comed into the outfit last week, the Air Force base, effective in March offspring of Patsy. The poppa, ob- the Army Air Base a t Mountain Home, Idaho, a n d Gowen Field, viously, is Bingo. Boise, Idaho, two bases in the reJoe Ain't Sad . Since a n infantry private left to gion of Walla Walla, will p a s s rejoin his outfit, Cpl. Joe Bisaha from the jurisdiction of the Second 1 s back in the Lewiston groove and Air Force to the Fourth Air Force. Prior to coming to Walla Walla mything but sad about it. "The Sack," or S. Sgt. Murray from Blythe, California, what is Rae is on his way to New YO& now the 423rd Base Unit at one :o his wife and youngster who will time had been tentatively slated t o :ome back with him in s e v e r a 1 go to Mountain Home, but the plans weeks. He's been busy for the past were changed later and the unit couple of weeks decorating h i s came to Walla Walla instead. nouse in town. JNACTIVATED Our Specialty Inseparables: S. Sgt. Art Sievert Two bands in the Fourth A i r and his "hayches;" Sgt. Lenny Force have been inactivated. They Kessler and "Smokie" ; Sgt. L e s a r e the bands a t Chico Army Air Miller and the sack; S. Sgt. F r e d Field and a t Lemoore Army Air 3unn and Dunn; Cpl. Pollock and Field. Marie; S. Sgt., Gil Colestock and Coed: "I wonder if it is all :how; M. Sgt. Ervin Ritenour and is new growth; Sgt. Norm Whittle right to receive a young man i n and his wheez; Cpl. Sam Joseph lounging pajamas? " md Pfc. Joe Dzielinski (The Grue- Sorority M a t r ao n: "Certain;ome Twosome) ; Sgt. Glenn Bixby ly not. Make him go home and md hi:, & m s ; Sgt. Joe DeMarco put his clqthes on." tnd the Lncyclopedia Britannica; s t Ggt. John Lucas and "Rusty"; 'round a t the rear." "I know that," ; . Sgt. Bob Goodwin and his the GI came back, "but will she roubles; Sgt. Calamity Wallace see me?" Flash! Cpl. Billy .Woods tossed md his stogie. A soljer stopped at the stage door in a last minute basket a s t h e md asked to see the hula dancer. squadron cagers toppled Squadron 3 e doorman replied, "Son, she's "C," 36 to 34.





he admitted that he, too, liked t c find dimes. At this point the lad: drew closer and in a very confi c dential tone whispered, "I like t f~nd dimes all right, but there's on; 'CUTTERBOOTS," Salvage Department mascot, rears up her tail thillg I like to do better than that. b n the scales ,as a neatly baled load ot rags is weighed for shipment. -"And what is that", queriec at right, Cpl. Oren A. Carter operates the r a g baling machine.-brother Irwin. "To sneak in or ;Base Lab Photo by Cpl. Harry Rodrigues). somebody else's parking meter! ' was the happy answer. Grease is divided into two There is a percentage of food tha. Under Knife asses. Clear grease is obtained each member of the armed force! Two of our boys have been undel om fat, and a days' rendering the surgeon's knife recently, Sgt ill average about 200 pounds. Tray: cannot consume, and , t h i s a Nab for a n appendix removal, anc rease is skimmed from the water course is classed a s garbage Sgt. Rosenberger for hernia. Ly traps under the mess hall sinks, WWAAF, (like every other arm: ing in a hospital bed may sounc 1d 50 pounds a r e saved each day camp holds a contract with a near pretty wonderful, but even tha hen the G. I. on K. P. bends his by farmer who pays a fair pricc gets monotonous, so why not drol ick, and does his duty. Scrap for this garbage, and it is usec i n a t the hospital some nite at ' mber is gathered, and the pieces then to help fatten hogs. Shoe, and bat the breeze with them fo a t a r e too small to demand a that are too worn for repair arc awhile-it will really be appre arket price a r e used for fuel. sacked and shipped to Governmen ciated, and besides, where is then wo c a r loads of tin cans ship out Rebuilding Factory a t Hannibal a better place to catch up or . market every month. From No- Missouri. the latest rumors? We wish them !mber to January, the scrap COW Harry I. Martin is Salvagc and all the hospitalized member: eta1 collected chalks up a stag- Officer, and his staff includes Sgt ~f the "Eager Beavers" a speed3 ; . , Cpl. Johr !ring figure. Iron is also collected William J. Norbert J ~ n pleasant d recovery. 1 d sold. All aluminum is shipped Metz, Cpl. Owen Carter, Pfc Gunner a government agency a t Fort Chas. E. McCue, Fred K. Sauve ?he biggest grin of the past week Pvt. Willa Griffin and Mrs. Heler ?wis, Washington. was worn by Harry Payne whc Garbage has a story all its own. Weems. nade buck sergeant and broughl ~ i ,wife s to Walla Walla all in less Hollywood Ma r r i a g e Licensc han ten days. That's enough tc Clerk: "Have you been marriec nake anybody grin. before, madam?" The bowling team ran in to some, Screen actress: 'Yes." lad luck last week when Arma- - (Continued from Page 1) -* Clerk: "To whom?" nent took all 3 games. However, Rc~quisitions for alerted units will Screen actress: "What's t h i sur boys were without a full team' held to a minimum. Government a memory test?" nd expect to stage a comback in' be is2me a t reception centers and re~eir next session with the pins. Pvt. Umbriago says that o n t Heard in the barracks: 1st G.I. di stribution stations will be rericted to class B supplies. Class thing that is worse than being a Wonder if I'll ship out overseas; st1 efore long?" 2nd G.I. "You aren'l ; A and CS issue will be given only bachelor, is being a bachelor's son. isqualified, a r e you?" 1st G.I. to troops under movement orders Hell no!" 2nd G.I. "Well, what, a t staging areas, POE, aerial POE, anid personnel replacement depots. re you #worrying about then?" (Continued from Page 1) Grounded The recent fire a t Martin's fly- Suggested *substitutes for these the Distinguished lying Cross g field made a lot of people un- fle~dgling flyers are: figure eights with one Oak Leaf Cluster, on bep p y in addition to the owner. a t the Arcadia, barrel .rolls at the ialf of his son, 1st Lt. Robert H. !veral of our 'Junior Birdmen' a r e Nctn-Corns' Club, o r finding ones's Adams, missing in action: mporarily grounded and will have way around Lewiston with the aid A number of other civilians are do their flying in a link trainer of heavenly bodies-celestial navi- expected to be present to receive top bunk, a t least for the present. gation, ya know. iecorations.

FAF To Take Two New Nearby Bases --

Curtail Clothinq









1 ing.

B y Cpl. Maurice A.


First of all we wish to extenc our heartiest congratulations to the new father in our Squadron, F. 0 Foster W. White, who is the prouc father of an eight lb. baby girl Crew 319 of Flight K should bf very proud of their Co-Pilot. Crew 114 has a new member ir their crew, Sgt. Nickoles Karaban. off, who was a former gunnery in. structor a t Laredo, Texas. He re. placed Cpl. Philla&aum who was in the hospital. Name The boy :. say that F. 0.James Beadling of Crew 108 is prominently known among the officers as Willie Post. We wonder where they got that idea? Cpl. Cooley of Crew 114, after a flurry of telegrams finally, convinced his wife to come to Walla Walla. She is now visiting him and is he a happy man! I t seems that Crew 113 really liked Blythe, California, especially the engineer who is receiving two letters a day from- the little desert spot! The boys on Crew 113 are also jubilant because one of their members is a good cook and has his own coffee equipment to take overseas with him. We hear that Lt. Windburn o f Crew 110 is commonly know as the Yo-yo. He always comes back for more! Ma.lted How did Cpk McDaniel of Crew 114 win a malted milk from Cpl. Cooley ? We wonder where Crew 109 are when they a r e wanted for something? We understand that the engineer on Crew 193 is taking reducing exercises by request of an officer. There must be a shortage of bed clothing in Crew 119 a s we hear that a certain gunner on that crew sleeps with all his clothing on. Flier Cpl. Joe Jurbin of Crew 121 is very grateful that he has all of his high altitude flying in. Wonder why? Dan ~ c ~ r a of wCrew 121 gets down on his knees bvery night to pray for a three day pass so that he can visit his ranch in Portland, Oregon.

They both have that old, tired feel Poor boys! Certain rumors are' buzzinr about that a certain gal back i~ "them thar hills" of Tennessee i, certainly going t o . b e angry whex she hears about the activities of r certain "Fomeo" on crew 120. Make Cpl. Congratulations to the follow in^ enlisted men in Squadron T-1 whc just made Corporal: Cpl. Rober Bennett, Cpl. Alvie G. May, Cpl Albert Payne, Cpl. E d w a r < Schwartz. T-1 has finally found a w h itc hope in the heavyweight class ir Del Grosso. His manager, Bo t Brown, was a little upset over hi: previous losing a t Yakima a t tht Elks smolcer. Brown claims i ;hould have been a draw a t least!


B y Sgt. ~ o b e r tC. ' Methven
Sgt. WaUrins in " H Flight i s kr~ing to sell Barney of "E" Flighl ;he idea that a cooky duster gives 3 guy a more dignified appearance md guarantees that it will double iis popularity with the women. We all agree that it is good tc se eager, but one of our engineers :ommonly known as "Cue Ball" 9liff is taking this a little too sera ously. We notice that he now has Zorporal stripes on his unmention. ables ! On Pass . M. Sgt. Nichols seems to have tagged on to a three day pass this weekend, but hls assistant is expect. ng him back Wednesday morning, Nonder how far Pendleton is from iere as Nichols makes it? Has anyone seen a movie scoul ?-om M.G.M. or Paramount Pic. ures on the field recently? We wonler why Cpl. Bright rushed down. .own and had a dozen pictures made of himself in his flying togs. Jould it be that he is going to give he girls an added thrill? Vitamins Pfc. James A. Wallar seems to se concerned with his own welfare. Ne understand that q u i t e freluently he visits a downtown druggist to secure a few bottles of vitanins. Are they in liquid form, Pfc. Nellar? We are glad to have Cpl. Pribyl but of the hospital. Less wofk now 'or the rest of the boys on Crew !13. He is also sporting a nice. new nustache!


JEAN PARKER -is our idea of
what properly should be poured into a sarong. rembled. "Here is y&r coffee and oast," Corporal Goldman. Now will rou please arise and put our your isual doggerel under the heading ,f T-3 again this week." A serie: ,f confused," startled thoughts ra7 lurriedly through my sleepy mind juddenly it all made sense. Wa. his to be another Munich, a Stal ngrad right here in my own bay: Qo, it wouldn't be. I glared bacl ~t my opponent and retorted, "I: beace and freedom so dear as t c )e bought by the chains of slavery. IS for me, give me my sack time o :ive me a transfer." Whereupor ny assailant replied: "Either ym vrite or report to me on your d a j ~ff in fatigues." I then flew out o led, streaked into the office, grabred the typewriter and here I am. Vhat can we do, men? Those are he conditions that prevail. Saturday night I dropped intc he Shangri L a arid there was Cpl. :hatterton happily enjoying a party ;iven in honor of his 21st birthday. Vhat amazed me the most was : p l . John Shephard buying a round ~ibeers. Glancing over the next able I caught a glimpse of Curt Frew and the wife celebrating his eturn from Blythe. You know, I hink it's darn nice of the Army o send the boys South for a couple I£ weeks of rest and relaxation in he warm climate of sunny Soruth!rn Cal. It wasn't very warm a t 10,000 feet was it, Curt? I wonder vhen I'll see Bobby Sox Hobbs mjoying a brew a t the Shangri ,a? I certainly missed " ' ~ a j o r 3ong" Hegel and "Major Hoople" loover Saturday nite. I saw Major 3alamity Eubanks a t the N.C.O. :lub last week waiting for someme to buy him a drink. Goodie ittlefield and his frau were there, 00, waiting for Walt Delevich to :ome in, but it seems that Walt lad a hard time convincing the iergeant a t arms a t the door of he legality of his entrance. When we you going to take the Pfc. ,tripe off your blouse, Del? I t looks as though several of the

"Blubbie" Jones e f Crew 121 has been wondering why they don't put larger seats in the Radio Compartment. Why, so-I, having trouble? "Red" Mayo : s still yelling "lights out" a t 10 o'clock sharp. Poor Red, and he needs his beauty sleep so bad, too! Cpl. "Uncle Fred Allen" t h e statlc-chaser of Crew 120 seems to be .spending all of his time and most of his money at the "Met" Cafe. Whats the attraction, we wonder. f Crew 120 has finCpl. Lowe u ally adapted himself to fresh air after spending the greater part o f his life m d e r the ground digging coal. It's a joy to him to be in the air. "Big Lee" Martin of Crew 120 i s looking for a new place to hangout, since they closed the Strand Cafe. He misses the little redhead too! On Leave m e engineers of Crew 120 and 121 are on rest leave for awhile.




By Cpl. H. S. (Bucking for Buck) Gloldman

The gay noisy chatter that buzzed brougb the barracks suddenly be:ame a hushed foreboding silence IS quick, heavy, angry footsteps ~elongingto one S-Sgt. John Eu~ a n k sapproached my sack. Sudlenly, a s if struck by lighting, my dankets were torn from my weary xone body. A hand guided by anger yanked me into an uprighl ;itting position and a face clouded sy the most fierce horrible ex. xession was thrust into mine. 3azed by such a rude awakening, : could only stare dumbly a t the *ppalling sight before me. The xeature before me spoke. 1

crews have given up B-Us and noise with h i s 'loud voice ari$hlrr have gone in for 1870 Auburns a m horse-shoes ! 1492 Fords. Better have someone Cpl. Dudley Miller is vitally inkeep a n eye out for the boys from terested in the progress of the war the Smithsonian. I wonder wher on the War Map. He is certainly rank "Not so Hotra" ObBrien i: keeping it in fine shape. going to ask Bette that all-import S-Sgt. Chamberlain, our future ant questiok? She owes him f i f t ~ waist gunner, is .trying his best to cents and he is afraid to ask fol get on a crew and return overseas, it. We wish you lots of luck, Pappy! If P.S. ~ a m n e r has anymorc The boys are all wondering~%hre blackouts, they will make him ;tr Cpl. Marvin White found such' a Ari Raid Warden. "Killer" Math beautiful girl! .ws, the Missouri Kid, has jusl The marriage of Cpl. Kenneth passed his 30th revenge missior Dewes would be a certain affair with a brutal raid on the stock 01 if the boys in the barracks had 3lympia a t the P.X.restaurant. It anything to do with it, his girl ;eems that Olympia has killed a Elaine, in Brooklyn is SO well friend of his and he is getting thought of. *evenge by killing every bottle he Cpl. Herbert Gussin has b&n on gets his hands on. the ball lately. Time for chow now, so I guess Cpl. R. A. Remlinger is back [ had better just stop before I from pass looking so bad that we waste away to a mere 190 lbs. Any know he must have had a wonder~f you guys taking shots for Plank ful time. lever? Twins Our Gold Dust Twins, Cpl. William Switzer and Cpl. William Jennett, are making their visits to Pendleton regularly. They must have shuck a gold mine! Sgt. Arnold Conley is always busy keeping his gang on the ball. Keep up ,the good work, Sergeant! Seems that C D ~ .James Caner By sSgt. C. Jenkes and Pvt. ~ d w a r dHunter must be in love. Why else do they dash into What gunner on crew 427 was a nearby town everytime they can n such a hurry to return from get a pass! 'endleton recently that he almost Cpl. Louis Clavelli must have gotwoke his ankle running for the Len hold of the wrong s M f . He u s ? Or was he running for a bus? jput his mess card in the pass,.box Looks a s though we;;21 get that instead of his pass. He must be :igar after all. Evan Weed decided getting color blind. hot to give a valentine this year. . The boys 'want to know when nstead he is getting one, in the Pvt. Corey is going to strike a orm of a marriage ceremony on match to the cigar butt. Are you hat day. From all indications, the afraid it will throw you, Cory? belebration planned for the newly Casanova Cpl. Cwiek is making narried couple by the remainder his visits into town pretty regularly. ,f crew 423 will gd down in history, dong with the retaking of Manila md the battle of Walla Wnlla. Note o printer: Battle with an "A" not In "0". Sleeps B y S&. Michael J. Morelli Cpl. Tom Joseph, barracks chief n 316, s e t t i n ~ a n example by s l e e p Now that the slight swelling has u g the clock around after thal disappeared from the heads of a ough flight on Monday. Smatter, number of the lads, I can again roe, is it old age. .or was if write my little column and feel aused by the extra-curricular ac- almost assured that they at leaat. ivity in the writing room on Sun- will glance at it- after they've lay Guess you wrote your com- read everything of interest. T h e ilete autobiegraphy that night, eh? promotions are the cause of the Oregonians, and more especially "swelling", and congratulations he good people of Pendleton, are must .be in order to complete the oing to be mighty hard pressed for job. Pfc. Daily graduated into the ntertainment now that Mrs. Bux- ranks of the non-coms, and now m is arriving to account for sports t h o s e corporal striped kobo's spare time. And just when sleeves like a veteran. It is now e was making a name f ~ r ~ h i m s e l "Sergeant" f, Harrison to you all, a s oo! it also is "Sergeant" (Fitches) Returnee O'Donnell. Naturally enough, the Jimmie Lemont's staff sergeant boys are already "bucking" for the rother, recently returned fmm rocker-but then, who isn't Anytaly, was a visitor for a. couple how, swell going fellows, and for f days with Jimmie last week. the love of Mike (me) take it easy In the interim between pay rolls on the Privates and Corporals!_ 3st week, one enterprising gunner of mention is the return n Crew 425 accumulated what f Worthy Sgt. Lee from a G I vacation urely amounted to a small for- o Home was never like this, was i t ' m e by making a ten cent purchase Lee, then, neither was .tJr e f shoe polish and spreading it Army but like home! Just think t e e , paringly (but dexterously and unrringly) on his buddies' brogans S. Sgt. Williams has just started on his furlough, and you've come t two-bits a throw. through yours without a scratch. , Don't you fell sorry for Williams ' now? Last week M. Sgt. Knight entertained "Wifey" ~ ~ i g at-the h t NCO Club, while T. Sgt. Kazmerskie liked the looks of the current hit a t the Base Theatre. Without the help of his wife, S. Sgt. Robertson pulled a K P deal one night, and By Sgt. Whitey Fleig wonders of wondering wonders, he A word of welcome to our new lived to brag about it! All wrapped rrivals from Hamilton Field: Cpl. up to battle the mountain blasts )ale Beardshear, Cpl. Willaim was S. Sgt. Sheehan, the rright I :aryl, Cpl. Hansel Geck, Cpl. Lo- saw him. He sweated and sweated. re11 Mitchell and Cpl. Victor and finally Stripped them off and ~oules. We have a "trying to be hit the sack. Have some dreams :asanova", Cpl. Russell Johnson, on me, kid. e thinks he can slay the women Our relations a r e the friends rith his good looks. Wake up, Bud given us by nature. Our fri>,nds he's engaged! Cpl. Melvin Stroud makes more a r e the relations given us by God,





Male Call

by Milton Caniff, creator of "Terry and the Pirates"

Message Center For The Main Body,






W A L t A




At a Glance
2nd Half AmeaicanLeague W L 0. 0
0 0

FAF Cage Titlt Globetrotters Series Begins Vs. Flvers . I

/ ' .


Sqdn. B ................1 Sqdn. D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 S q d n . A ......... ......0 Sqdn. M ............LO Sqdn. T-3 ............ 0 Sqdn. F....................O Sqdn. C ................ 0

1.000 .1.00(1


1 1

.OW ?early blind without glasses. .000 De Paul's eleventh consecutive win, 4 8 4 vietory over Okla.000 homa A. & M., ranks them as the top college team i n the nation. .000 Iowa holds the second spot and Oklaboma Aggies third.

It's a fact-Iowa's Dick Ives, last season's Big Ten high scorer, ha high blood pressure and "Big George" Mikan, D e Paul's center i

National League

Grease Monkeys 1 BalesBoys ............ 0 Section I ................ 0 T-i. ....................... -0 T-3 ........................ .O Operations ............ 0 Hoosier H. Shots 0

0 0 0 0 0 0 1

Pct. 1 .OOO




Results Sqdn. B .................................................... 24 G r w e Monkeys ................................24 Squadron D .......................................... 36 Sqdn. A ................................................... 22 Hot Shots .............................................. 18 Sqdn, C .......................... . ...................32 Games this Week . Feb. 19-700: D vs T-3; 800: T-2 vs


Feb. ,26700: B vs A; 800: Hot Shcts vs Section I. F%b. 21-700: F vs M; 800: .T-2 vs Bales Boys. Feu'. 22-700: T-3vs A; 80(?: T-3vs. Section I. Feb. 23-200: D vs M; 800: Grease Monkeys vs Bales ~ o ~ s : Sqdn. B 24 Pos. Sqdn. F 22 Flory 3 ................ F............Bourland 13 Klock 9 ......: ......... F .............. Petrocelli 2 Teague 8 ............C . ...... .... Grieves 5 Myers 2 ..............G...... ...MeReynolds 2 Henry 1 .............. G ............ Rosenberg Subs-Montague, Lyons, Brown, Sauer.


Capacity crowds still flock to Ned Irish's Garden double-header Barnett, one of the players in t h Brooklyn case, charges "every college in the city is doing it," whil Bill Fbsenblatt,' only regular not involved, leads the remnant of th ;quad in completing the Brooklyn College schedule. Converse--Dunkel h a s cooperated with the NCAA and h a s voluntarily discontinued their rating of teams and the ferecast of garnes-it was deemed wise to eliminate ratings to prevent them u t down in Florida the stopping, from getting into wrong hands. B of racing has boomed attendance and betting on the Spanish s p o r t j a i nlai. TAe principles d play are similiar to handball but the court is much longer and has only three w a l l s f r o n t , back and one side. The ball, about the size o f a baseball, k hurled by basket-like scoop strapped to the player's arm. Mntuels at Miami race track handled a total $1,632,433 during 31 days. Hatfield scored a field goal in the last few seconds to enable Geige pield to triumph over Ephrata, 47-46. The victory puts Geiger in thc play-off for the 4th Air Force championship. The Flyers won bu 3idn't look unbeatable, according to many i n their game with Lewista Normal Saturday night. The second half of the intramural baskktbal league promises to be a thriller. The Grease Monkies made thei tnitial appearance and eayled a victory. The day after the game the: wished to change their name to Nine OM Men. Squadron B knocked off Squadron F and Squadron D mere than had their hands full with a n improved Squadron C. This week's team has power; Forward&Bourland, Klock, Woods; cent ers Fahey, Brown; gur~k+Schiller, Hannawalt, Teague. Lt, Davidson's explanation to "PT will win the war" is-plane and tanks. Pee Wee W a l k e r and Ricky Rickman have been seen . a t the, gym recently and then this announcment: all aspirants .for the base b x i n g team report to physical training office.
m spite of the exposed "fix".

From HQ FRANCISCO, Feb. 7 Championship of the Fourth Ai Force Base Basketball Eliminatio~ Tournament now in progress wil be decided a t the Roqsevelt Higl School ,gymnasium in Fresnc Calif., on Feb. 15, 16 and 17, j necessary, Major E. B. DeGrool physical training officer, has a n nounced. With the conclusion within thl past two weeks of the round r o b i ~ competition in the four sections first and second placed teams. i~ each launched into the champion ship elimination tourney. Marc1 Field and Ontario finished one-tw~ in the Southern Section, Bakers field and Lemoore in the Valle: Section, Tonopah and Headquar ters in the Central Section, ~ a n c Geiger FieM, and Ephrata in t h c Northern Section. In the Southern portion of thc playoff, Lemoore and March Fielc will vie tonight a t March Fielc for the right to play in the Fresnc Einal series. Lemoore bumped of 3ntari0, 47-45, and March whippet Bakersfield, 59-37, in elimination: to date. Spokane will be the scene 01 the northern playoffs Friday an( Saturday. Ephrata meets Tonopal I n one Friday game and Head auarters takes on Geiger in thc )ther, the winners to 'meet Satur iay night for the chance to g c .o Fresno. The Fresno series wll 3e a best of three affair.

Playoff s

Great Cage Game Set



G. M. 24 Pos. . H.S. IS 56-32 Victory Schiller 8 .......... F ........ ..... .....Herold 2 Crumley 2 . . . . . . . . . .F......... . . ..... ..Quinn 2 The w'alla Walla Flyers defeatec IZaaz 2 ..................C ..............Souders ,ewiston Normal 56-32 in a gamf Gregory 2 .......... G ...........Hannawalt 7 ,f basketball played a t the loca Ott~ 4 .................. G . . . . . . . . . :....:....Rose 2 !ym Saturday night. The Flyer: ~ & & - ~ c ~ 2, i l Fuller l 2, McDon iame before a large c r m d in thc"iee~ ub throughout the second hai vere never behind a s they chalkec ald 2, 'Robinson 2, Deming 2, K e m ~ Va-Hi gymnasium. but i t i l i had a seven point margir p their fourth consecutive victory 1. -,: The Flyers led all of the way af. with only three and one-half min. 1 spite of some erretic passing. ter som; four minutes of the firs1 utes to play. However, Whitmar 'he Chase brothers led the chase Pos. Sqdn. C 3: quarter had passed, but had to with- tallied a couple of field goals ir Ir Lewiston but with Kotas and Sqdn. D 36 Melnick 7 . . ........ F .................. Greene 4 stand a rousing challenge from the quick succession to pull within : Vheeler helping the Big Three tKe Woods 8 ............F...:..............Brown 1: points with 2% minutes remaining. 'lyers could not be overtaken and Fahey 10 . . . . . . . . . . . .C ..................... Pryor The scrapping was wild and woolly XI 25-12 a t the 'half. The second Petit 2 ................G ................. Mackey : a s both teams strove to add to their aIf was a repetition of the first I'rusdale 5 ........G........... . Long 1 ...... totals, but a minute and a hall s the Flyers again exhibited their Subs-Fishman 2, Wolsnick 4. elapsed before Capt. Don Johnson, uperiority. The final score, 91yhigh scorer for the air base team, r s 56 Lewiston Normal, 32. sncaked under the basket for a .field . 3. Walla Walla Flyers FG 56 FT PF According t o the week's consoli- goal to put his team ahead 47-42 dated attendance' report, Squadron This goal was promptly matched by ~tevens ............................ 0 0 0 A retained first place in the "Big Pat Darnton, acting captain and 'ahey ................................ 6 0 1 League" in spite of a drop in per- high scorer for the Missionaries. 'etrocelli .......................... 0 0 0 Miss Attempts centage. Squadron F, who rest2d in lourland ............................ 4 1 0 third place last week, leaped ahead Darnton was fouled while shoot- ohnson .................... . . . . . 4 . 2 1 of Squadron B and book over the ing, and elected to take the ball out Lead EM Teams ...... 2 [ansen ..................... . 0 1 runner-up position. with only 25 seconds left to play. lotas ................... . . . . 5 1 0 The enlisted men's bowling league In the minor league most of the The gymnasium was in an upnoa~ irieve ................... : .......... . . 0 0 1 a s Whitman fired another half dozsquadrons increaszd their attendayed off its semi-final games of ?heeler ..............................5 0 1 dance as the Medics claimed the en shots, but all rimmed the bashe' first round with some interestTotals .............................. 26 4 5 94.4. top spot with a high mark of ket and bounced out and the clock Lewiston Normal 32 ng results. Squadron D won all FG FT PF hree of its games to break its pre- Following close behind the leaders, chalked off the end of the game 0 0 ,ious. tie with Armament and now the Gunnery Range and Squadron with the college quintet still trail- [ayhurst ............................ 3 ......... 0 a e r .................... . . 0. 1 eads .'the league. Air Inspectors, E boosted percentage 90 to finish ing by three points. 0 4 A streak of excellent play by the Jhite ...........................-..... . 1 ho still training, now in second second and third respectively. 0 3 Fbllowing is consolidated Physi- air base team midway in the first r. Chase ............................ 5 dace, won prize pay for single team 0 0 0 .ame and the two individual prizes cal Training Attendance Report for half was the decisive factor in the McKinley .......................... ..... 1 0 0 or single high game and total three the week ending February 10, 1945. rough, hard-fought struggle. With Moscat .................... . ...... 0 0 0 First Division Whitman holding a 7-6 lead, the Fly- Pomroy ................-. ames went to S.Sgt. Todd Zerbe 0 0 Rank % % ers set up a series of beautiful plays L.Chase .............................. 6 f Squadron B who licked the lumTotals .............: ................ 16 0 8 Last Med. This Last under the basket with Bourland, Fae r for upwards of 200 for each of Week hey and Johnsbon collaborating to is three games. Incidentally, "Gen- ' Week Excuser, Week leman" Todd's performance of 630 3qd. run up 15 points while Whitman was ban and Reed Clark of the Booster ins lifted him to first place among 9 .... 1 . 64 91.78 99.47 being held to a single field goal. club tossed in 35 foul throws each he forty odd men comprising the r , . . 3. n 88.00 a5.50 This took the score to 21-9 and put in 50 attempts to end their compe?ague. 3 -..-2 66 86.60 95.71 Whitman into a hole that it was tition in a dead heat. Box score of the game: 2 4 23 46.60 45.79 never quite able to surmount. Team standings follow : F ............ Bourland 12 Johnson put together seven field Nordvedt 9 .......: . Second Division W o n Lost Pct. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fahey 9 . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . 14 qdn. D . . . . . . 1 15 97.39 90.80 goals and made nine free throws Eckmann 4 -......F . 4 -77'7 M . ....Johnson 23 out of 13 attempts for a total of 23 Darnton 16 ........ C .......... .rmament . . , . , 13 5 .722 3unney 7 94.80 78.10 points to walk off with scoring hon- Ackerman 3 ......G ................. Hansen 'inance . , .......9 9 .500 R'ge 2 ors, while Darnton clicked on five Bennett .............. G .................... Kotas q d n . , I% i 9E . . . . . . ..4 8 , 92.50 73.33 . . . 9 .500 2, SawSubs: Whitrnan-Royer qdn. A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 30 .444 Band 3 4 90.70 76.80 field goals and six out of eight free . . . . .5 3 66.60 57.93 tosses, all of the gift throws being yer 6, Wuerding 2, Redmon 2, Rus- "DUKE" CUMBERLAND is one 'ommunications 7 1 1 .388 D . * in the second half, for 16 points. sell; Flyers-Sawyer 1, Stevens 2 , of the s t a r guards on the Har12 .333 rq d n . E .................... 6 dr Inspectors , 6 12 333 Pool 6 0 35.09 49.00 In a halftime feature, Don Mona- Krieger. Official's: Reser and Earp. lem Globetrotters team.


Flyers Win City Title . in Thrilling Finish, 47 to 44

Flvers Defeat Lewiston 5




D Keglers Are nt In Front

Physical Training Attendance

An announcement of interest to Dase sport fens is the fact that .he famed Harlem Globetrotters, 3asketball's No. 1 team of all .ime, will face the WWAAF Flyers 3t the New High School gym on Wonday night, February 26. It is impossible to praise t h e Xobetrotters' record-and current :earn, for that matter-too highly. I'his i s their eighteenth consecu.ive season of play. The l?st 17 rears have seen them write a saga )f the court unmatched for briliance. Their sensational brand of ~asketball, superb showmanship. and fine sportsmanship a r e a lousehold word everywhere on the Vorth American continent. Amazing Total The Globetrotters have amassed .he amazing total of 2,439 victories while losing only 198 the last 17 rears. They establish new records ?very time they. play. Their rec)rd i s all the more outstanding hen it is remembered that they ' ravel day in and day out through 1 1 1 sorts of wintry weather, play 1s many as' eight and nine games 1 week from early November until ate April, never reject any team is too strong a n opponent, 'never icout a team they a r e to face, find ime in every game to put on a n !xhibition of their clean, humor)us and laugh-pmvoking stunts of ihowmanship--and still manage to vin nearly every time out. Furher enhancing this illustrious car!er, the nomads of basketball alvays play on opponents' floors and tccept the latter's choice of offi:ials without question. Ball Handlers Without a peer in the field in )all-handling, clever all- around day, showmanship and star-studled personnel, the present Globerotters bid fair to equal or even urpass all their predecessors. '?ley average over six feet in ,eight and are the pick of the naion's outstanding colored players, he list including Bernie P r i c e, ,ouis ("Babe") Pressly, Everett , /Iarcell, Roscoe ("Duke") Cumerland, Lorenzo ("Piper") Davis, Duck" Moore and Pedro Boyd. lman Jackson, great center and )p ball-handler of basketball, is till with the team for his sixteenth ?s.son, acting in an advisory caacity and occasional utility man.





Last Saturday eve's dance at, the 3fficers' Club was a decided sm :ess. Dress was formal, or optional, and informal . dress se'emed to be ,he vogue. Highlight of the eveling was when Mrs. W. H. Wiseman announced winners of the war 3ond sale, of which she was chairnan. Surprised Lt. Aurilio Mendez ~ a l k e doff with first prize, while 5t. J. J. Hunter won secohd prize. rhird prize, a pair of beautiful Valentine hearts, was shipped t o Lt. Roger A. Poland's mother i n Madison, Indiana. These hearts were,the centerpiece a t the Offix r s ' W v e s Club tea last Thursday. Lt. and Mrs.. Don Guinn are the proud parents of a little boy berm .last Sunday, February 11th. Big Brother Mike considers him a special birthday present, as the new arrival was born on his second birthdav. At the Red Cross meeting on February 6, thd Officers Wives attained a new record in folding 1510 Iressings. Fifty nine members took part in establishing this record. 9t the meeting of February 13, the girls folded dressings for McCaw General Hospital, Walla Walla, instead of the Red Cross. An item 3f critical need, these surgical iressings_wentinto immediate s e n Ice a t McCaw. All surgical dressings used at the Station Hospital, - WWAAF, a r e prepared by the Officers Wives Club. A large attendance of members for each Tuesday afternoon session i s urged, in order to carry on his humanitarian work. The "Father Of His Country'' motif prevailed a t the initial guest uncheon on Washington's Birthday. VIrs. Clay P. Kniss and her busy 2ommittee are to be given credit T o r the very attractive deccrations. 911 in all, the forty guests and the zighty wives present voted the af'air a success and much fun. Mrs. Perry Shaffer, who is pablic relations officer for the Officers' Wives Club, left Tuesday for Los Angeles for a n extended visit.

Ted Fio Rito
Maker Of Stars
A number of prominent motion licture personalities gathered a t I luncheon a few weeks ago in 3ollywood to honor the man who vas responsible for starting the.% In their way to fame. That man, ilso one of the most prominent 'igures in the entertainment busness, was Ted Fio Rito, worid . :amous orchestra leader. Included in this list of people wbs Mere former musicians, vocalists md entertajners with Fio Rito were Dave Rose, former pianist with his 3and and composer of "Holiday [or Strings"; Lief Erickson, former vocalist with Fio Rito, later a Paranount picture. star and now servmg in the Army; Joy Hodges, exvocal lovely with Ted and n6w motion picture and musical comedy star;Mussy Marcellino, long time featured singer with Fio Rito and now leader of his own orchestra; bandleader Isham Jones; Victor Young, ex-violinist with Fio -Kit0 and now musical director for Paramount Studios; June Haver, former vocalist with Ted and now one of 20th Century-Fox's fastest rising young actresses; and love4y Betty Grable, one of the t6p boxoffice attractions in the United States. Ted discovered Betty in San Francisco when she was dancing . i n a chorus at a theater. He hear&-her sing and signed her a s vocalist with the band where she remained un-ti1 entering motion pictures.


THESE 'PICTURES should bring nostalgic (?) memories for most of the personnel of W W A A F who made the trek up from the desert paradise (?) a t Blythe last spring, to re-activate Walla Walla. They show life a s she is lived by the handful of emigres who compose the dee ess organization of Squadron N. The two pictures a t top show a view of the flight line and the squadron area, with the friendly (?) mountains enveloping this jewel of the desert. In the second panel we see '"a glimpse of that caravanserie, the PX, with some of the boys enjoying cool cokes on a h& day. At right, in this panel (ah, yes! where have we seen this scene before?) the bogs are getting their profiles, with Capt. Louis Hurwitz examining the molars and Capt. Stanley Grudzien with the stethoscope. The picture a t lower left proves conclusively that there is no escape from pee tee, even 1200 miles from home base. At bottom right, the C-47 shuttle plane arrives from Walla Walla with a cargo of B-24 tires and other equipment.-(Base Lab Photo by Cpl. Harold Lawrence.)
-. - - --- --

T . Sqt. Pickerill New NCO Sec'y
By ' ~ g t .Antonio ~i Tullio



So, some of you thought you could get rid of m e and my article, but I don't quit so easy a s you can see. I didn't mind so much the guy who sent me threat notes so that I would stop writing my article, and the guy who sneaked up on m e and slugged me, but t h e fellow who put that booby-trap on m y girl's picture, carried things a little far. (A guy can lose a hand that way) OK, so you'd rather wait until next summer and get some fresh CORN. Like the other departments o n the base. we were also in the stripe line. Yours truly over-rated with Sgt., Robert Bloomberg super overrated with Staff, Johnny Linn well earned Sgt., Russ Defeyter a n d Les Hawthorne a long waited Cpl. We welcomed our new secretary Miss Alice Barger, a few days ago, and so far all I got was her name, but give m e time fellows. Lt. Wilson, the Operations Officer, is cultivating another head of hair on his upper lip a la gay ninety style. In a few months i t m a y look pretty well.

You can always interest a person in something pleasant, even though-it be a pleasing story or just a pleasant thought, but the average person steers shy mentally of any unpleasantness. Consequently people a r e not "accident conscious". Surprising, isn't it, how careful a man will be with his money home, wife, children and friends, and yet be careless about himself. If the average man checked up on his own physical welfare a s carefully as he does others, there would be a minimum of sickness and accidents. Here on the base it behooves the civilian personnel to check themselves more closely, as last month, for example, the frequency rate in acci'dents was three times greater than the military, and yet the two personnels a r e not comparable in numbers. Each of these groups have an important function in war and it is just a s important that the civilian is on the job .as the soldier. In war, business, industry and finance, there a r e only two important things, Assets and Liabilities. Which one of these a r e you?

C -

Your ARC office also underwent inspection last week. Mr. Graham Tinning, ARC Field Supervisor, was here giving us the once over. Our Lon Hartman, AFD, is back a t his desk after a four day leave in SGattle. Reason-wife's birthday. Understand last Saturday night was a big affair there. How was the head Sunday AM, Lon? A hearty welcome to Sgt. Orvi'lle Calvin and his new bride recently transferred to WWAAF and now working in the Control Tower. Much happiness to you and the Mrs. Sgt. Had three days without our custodian, Pfc. Ablert Jackson, Sqdn. A., a s it seems a s though there was the small detail of RP waiting for him. He is back with us now, however. 'Can't help but get a kick out of the formations of "marching men" down by the combat crew barracks. There are usually about six to eight dogs attempting to keep in step with t h e columns. And doing right well, too, that i s urhil the order is given "to the rear-march" and then every one gets confused, dogs not excepted.

P. Sgt. Peter M. Kelly has ten. dered his resignation a s secretary* treasurer of the NCO Club. T h t Board of Governors has voted T Sgt. George Pickerill of Squadror E to fill his place. A call has been issued for "help help" at the NCO Club. Civilian: or military can be employed. Gooc wages a r e paid. The monthly stag party for Feb ruary will be held next Fridaj night, February 23. If last month': affair is any indication, the comini party will be a looloo. Bingo on Wednesdays and dance: on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sun Lt. Joe Moseley was best man for days continue in popularity. the groom, A reception followed a t the Officers' club of this Fourth Air Force base in .the state of Washington. Mrs. McLain is a former student of Lorette Heights college and Denver university. She later was a n With Chaplain William E. Bishol industrial engineer for Gates Rubofficiating, Miss LaVonne Wheele ber company a t Denver. Lt. -Meof Denver, Colorado, was weddec Lain attended Fulton High school to Lt. J a c k W. McLain of Acworth at Atlanta, Georgia, and joined the Georgia, a t North Chapel of Wall: Army in 1940. He is a co- pilot of Walla Army Air Field Saturday a B-24 Liberator bomber combat crew. February 10, at 8 p.m. Their home address a t present ?he bride, dressed in black ant white, was attended by %rs. Jo( will be the Marcus Whitman hotel Moseley. Both carried gardenias in Walla Walla.

Lt. Jack McLain Is Married in Chapel

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