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Joanna Marie G.

Fontiveros BSED 2-A

Personal Statement
We all live in differences. Each one of us has his own abilities. You may be good at this I may be good at that. She may not be capable of doing this I may be capable of doing such. Every man has weakness and his own strength. Yes, we all vary because of those differences. Yet we live fulfilling each others weaknesses and depend on each others strength. Good day. I am Joanna Marie Fontiveros, 18 years of age from Mandurriao, Iloilo City. I spent my pre-school year at St. Elisabeth of Hungary Kinder School. I finished my elementary education at Iloilo Central Elementary School and my high school at Iloilo National High School- School of the Future. I havent received any academic excellence award since then. What Im receiving every graduation are the Dancer and Athlete of the Year awards. Obviously, I always had been into sports. I started with the volleyball. I was at 6th grade that time. Then I joined the track and field team. Ive been a 100 mete r sprinter for almost two years. That was from 6th grade to 1st year of high school. When I was at 2nd year of high school, I joined the Arnis team, which is why there are few medals displayed on my room. I actually dont think about gathering awards like those best in math or science. I grew up with no pressure. I dont even remember my Mama getting angry because I dont review and open my notebook. Well, how can I really open those? I dont even take down notes. Being smart is not about the hours you spend studying or how many pages of notes youve written, or how thick the books you have read. Being smart is never memorizing your lessons word for word. It is how you understand and explain it on your own. I have been living by that principle since then until today I am on my 2nd year at West Visayas State University, taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English. Yes, we all have differences. But there are always things we have in common. You may dance, I can dance too. You could sing, I can sing too. I cry. I get excited. I laugh too. I get mad. I get jealous. I get hurt, I know you do too. I belong here, in this world where you live, in this group you are in. You eat, drink, and breathe. I do too. Thats what makes me one of you. I am one of us.