I rnay have to look elsewhere for the psychology education. Luckily, this is a very

generic degree and I will more than likely be able to find arydinstitution where my internship is located.

Most college students are in a rush to finish their schooling, but I see it


perfecting my practice. It might take me a little longer but I like to be thorough and gain
as much experience as as more of



I can before committing to my practice. I am looking at my career

,lztl o\ 98

journey than a destination. Even though this may delay my individual practice,


I am dedicated in gaining invaluable experience from others that are seasoned veterans by
finding time to volunteer.
This class has opened my eyes and confirmed my suspicions about certain
aspects of the field.

I am now more certain than ever that I do not want to be in


traditional clinical role, partnered with traditional medicine. However,I do think



clinical experience during the internship will be beneficial for my




to know that there are many fields of this degree so if for some reason private practice
does not work in my favor, I have many other options to choose from.

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