Lindsey Smith
Plofessor Connelly


English 101, K1
03 November 2005



I feel very lucky to have discovered what I want to accomplish in my life early. bil:O 'n,Olr'. ,,' t\-1"f 1 ve'y close to me became deathly ill and rrealizedmy calling. Because I ar- I ulro' \P^tr"::;t fo*ron. n -@.0 with today's standards of medicalpractices. I am determined to make 7*y.* 1 F", p,f,nu change by owning my own complete altemative health care facility.t' I lhcttt 4 n I have a very stlong desire to do this because I have seen people of all ages suffer' )



and be misled long enough. When

I was in ttre eighth

grade, my mothel was diagnosed

with pancleas divisum, a fot'm of pancreatitis caused by

birrh defect. The doctors


plesclibed multiple medications including pain killels, enzymes, and anti-depl'essants.
They told her to take these expensive pills three times a day, every day. After three years


of this. she was no better. Her pain never ceased, she had constant nausea, and hel
depression sky-r'ocketed. She had also developed significant memory loss, depend.n.y on


( / u,as doing more harm than good. I began to get intelested in natural ancient medicines )
othet's, and a vicious addiction that she fights to this day.


realizedthat the medication

N.-* ltttc


such as acupuncture and herbology.


also researched how our health care system wolks.

To sum it up, the pharmaceutical company gives fi'ee samples to doctors, the doctor plesclibes as much of this medication as possible, and in turn, gets rewarded greatly. The
patient often becomes addicted to these medications and mentally depends on them to

survive. I am not against ati Ooctbls, medications, or conventional medicine. t b€lieve,

fu."|L., Snazl t" 1r^g,t-Ja.{d,1


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