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Political Correctness Exceedingly Inconsequential (Pc Gone Mad)

Political Correctness Exceedingly Inconsequential (Pc Gone Mad)

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Published by: api-17303664 on Nov 03, 2009
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BY Thomas Hatto As we enter the year of 2010, it seems as, although Britain is supposedly advancing in time, the people behind ‘political correctness’ have gone backwards in time. In the 21st century, everybody has to watch what they say and use ridiculously long and unpronounceable words, just in case the PC brigade are watching. It comes after a male student found himself involved in controversy after comparing a group of noisy black females to ‘water buffalo’. The females claimed it was a racial slur. There was no evidence to suggest that it was racially motivated and it could have been said because the females were noisy or because they may have been overweight. It is just typical for people to jump to conclusions that, in this incident, it was a verbal attack about race. Every member of the public now has to watch what they say just in case they offend somebody. I mean, we can’t call people toothless because it may offend them. We now have to refer to them as ‘alternative dentation’ or ‘aurally inconvenienced’ to describe people who are deaf. I really would like to hear the people who make these ludicrous words up, describe people who are deaf or toothless as ‘aurally inconvenienced’. Political correctness has gotten so mad that we have to change children’s nursery rhymes to stop it causing offence. Remember the old song ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep, have you any wool?’ Well, a new PC version has been invented and is being taught to kids at school. ‘Ba Ba Rainbow sheep’ – it just doesn’t have the same tone to it. I am certainly not a racist, and I don’t condemn any racist language – but by singing a nursery rhyme, I can’t see how it would cause offence in the slightest. Nobody is being specifically targeted by singing the song as its just harmless fun. We have gotten into a state where it’s like being back at school and we have to raise our hands and ask permission to say certain things. It didn’t cause any harm to anybody 10 years ago – so why all the fury and controversy now? Maybe next time, I write this column – the newspaper will be printed on multi coloured paper. And if it’s not offending people who are of mixed race or going to the dentist every week – then its offending people because of sexism. We now can’t have title roles of manageress as it is deemed less significant than manager or the incident when a West Country Branch of Gateways tried to replace gingerbread men with gingerbread persons. All this comes at a time when scientists and our government are telling us that we are progressing as a country. It makes you proud to be a part of team PC, I mean team GB.

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