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iWareLogic, Pune - Oracle Education Partner that initiated to provide trainings on Oracle R12 Applications /
ERP's. Being Oracle Approved Education Center, we are helping the corporate as well as individuals to get Oracle's Authorised Trainings & Certifications in Oracle Applications (11i & R12), Siebel (8.0) Core Consultant, Business Analyst & Oracle OBIEE (Siebel Analytics), CRM On Demand. Oracle Applications E-Business Suite (11i & R12) & Siebel (8.0) Siebel 8.0 Core Consultant, Business Analyst & OBIEE (Siebel Analytics) Oracle 11i / R12 Financials Oracle 11i / R12 HRMS Oracle 11i / R12 Supply Chain Oracle 11i / R12 CRM Oracle 11i / R12 Application DBA

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Company Address: iWare Logic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Aditi Samruddhi Building, # 173/4, 2ndFloor, Near Shiv Sagar Hotel, Baner, Pune – 411 045 Tel: 91(020) 6632 1113 Mob: 9326727519 / 9326515010 Email:

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