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Kelly Kopija, Audrey Lee, Jennifer Pavel, Kelley Sullivan

Understanding Diversity, Opportunity Gaps, and Teaching in Todays Classrooms

Start Where You Are, But Dont Stay There

By: H. Richard Milner IV

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Philosophy: Each teacher has his or her own approach to teaching built on the foundation of their teaching philosophy. Milner provides various accounts that will help guide teachers develop their philosophy on teaching. Ultimately, teachers need to adjust their teaching to reflect the language, cultural, and social needs of students. As teachers take these components into account, learning has the potential to be enhanced. The perspectives that are presented within this book will enable you to gather certain insights to help you further develop your own personal teaching philosophy. Students as Individuals: After you read this book, you will develop an understanding that as a teacher, you are not simply teaching a subject, you are educating students. Therefore, in order to create a meaningful learning experience, teachers need to build relationships with students and take genuine interest in who their students are as individuals. Learning Environment: Furthermore, it is important for all teachers to acknowledge their own cultural background and experiences because it is an essential component to learning and accepting the cultural backgrounds of students. We need to remember that people have the right to have differing views and find ways to embrace different views to create an accepting learning environment. Cultural Teaching: In an attempt to provide a meaningful educational experience, teachers need to carefully consider and use the culture of their students to make learning relevant. Some topics that are politically driven can make teachers uncomfortable. Nevertheless, these are topics that need to be addressed within classrooms, and ultimately, these topics have the ability to create rich learning experiences. Teachers also need to utilize various resources to reach out to their students. For example, bilingual texts enable students with varying home languages to gain access to the curriculum. All in all, teachers have the ability to truly make an impact on the lives of their students; therefore, teachers need to take the time to truly reach out to their students. Grab a copy of Start Where You Are, But Dont Stay There and further develop your teaching philosophy!

Engaging and Informative Chapters Include: Constructs Contributing to Opportunity Gaps Making Connections with Students and Utilizing Resources The Value of Bringing Culture into Classrooms and Overcoming Obstacles of Teaching Helping the Community in Which You Teach Improving Teacher Preparation Programs

Milner seeks to better prepare all teachers for diverse environments and raises thoughtprovoking issues throughout his book!

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