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Emotion - A Fundamental Part of the Human Experience

Emotion - A Fundamental Part of the Human Experience

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Published by Penny Randall
A brief insight on life on the emotional plane of our existence.
A brief insight on life on the emotional plane of our existence.

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Published by: Penny Randall on Nov 03, 2009
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A Shamanic Way

O Children of Men! Know ye not why We created you all from the same dust? That no one should exalt himself over the other. Ponder at all times in your hearts how ye were created. Bahά’u’llάh - Hidden Words Have you ever thought about Emotion? I mean, just considered the term Emotion without emotion?? Not an easy task you might say. Just the word itself conjures up all kinds of emotion: joy, happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, depression. Recently I was given a vivid example of emotion and the mechanics of this most powerful concept. We live on the emotional plane, wouldn’t you agree? Here we are, stuck in a physical existence that is a roller coaster of emotion. Swinging high and low and from side to side in extremes we may feel at the mercy of our emotional roller coaster. Rarely, if ever, finding that center, that bliss of balance. During a recent roller coaster ride I asked my power animals to help me understand why this was happening to me. In my journey with them we started down a ravine, very steep and very deep. It went on and on, down and down. I got extremely tired and asked if I could ride. No problem they said. At the bottom of the ravine I looked around and looked up to the sky. The terrain was relatively sparse, scraggly bushes and pathetic looking trees. What I remember most was looking up to the sky. It was a blue slit. No wider than the width of a pencil line. I asked. “What is this place?” They replied, “This is emotion.” I could believe it without any question. My question was a comment, “Man, it is going to be a long hard climb out of here.” As I looked at the slit of blue high over my head. My animals said, “If you want it to be it could be like that. How would you like to get out of here?” Without any depth of thought I said, “ I would rather bob to the top like a cork in water.” In the instant I said this I found that we were back on top. Not only was I back on top, but I was above the landscape looking down from a distance. The terrain was as flat as a table top. It had a lot of cracks in it. Once again I asked,

A Shamanic Way
“What is this?” They said, “This is life.” This explanation was not satisfactory at all to me. I am a mountain kind of person and there were no high spots at all. I commented on this and they told me that what I was looking at was the natural high of life. That the peaks of high emotion were down in the ravines just like the lows of bummer emotion. This was way too much for me to grasp immediately. First of all I didn’t want to get it. I love the high emotion when things are clicking along and I feel on top of the world. I didn’t want to believe that life was flat with only ravines to “look forward to”. Second of all being a creature of emotion, both physically-as a currently earth bound entity and culturally-I am half Italian, the concept of flat and lows was too abstract for my little tiny brain. Upon return from this journey with my power animals I find myself continuing to process this information. I realize now that even high emotion is in the ravine because it is not real. It is an illusion and is temporal. True the ravine of high emotion may be much more vibrant and attractive then the one they took me into, but a ravine just the same. I realize now that showing me the mechanics of the “bounce” back from emotion is incredibly important. It is responsible for how quickly one can recover to the natural high of life in balance. Honoring my emotions and enjoying that roller coaster ride has been greatly enhanced by this experience and subsequent awareness. It is up to me how I “bounce” back to center,to my natural high, how long and arduous I want it to be or how quickly and effortlessly it can be. It is all me! It is all you!! ENJOY YOUR RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours in Love and Light, Reverend Penelope Randall 818-992-1323 Circleone99@yahoo.com

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