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Deanna Diaz English 1102 Prof.

Waterhouse 3 February 2014

Inquiry Project Proposal I. Topic: Photography a. In my inquiry I hope to learn about the different types of cameras, including film and digital. It would help to know a little about all of them. I would like to know things like what makes them different, why they are different, which ones are best for the different types of photographs are all important in being a successful photographer or even just to be able to develop successful pictures. b. The type of photography I think I am most interested in is Macro Photography. I would like to learn more about the aspects of macro photography as well as tips to capturing great macro pieces.


Background: a. As of right now I only know the basics on how to use my Digital SLR camera. A DSLR camera is just a little more elaborate camera compared to the average point and shoot camera. DSLR cameras have more functions and options to play with to develop the image you are looking for. b. Most of my knowledge of photography comes from my passion for it. I have always enjoyed taking pictures and even looking at pictures.

c. Photography relates to my identity because for as long as I have been able to use a camera I took many pictures. My passion in photography also something that connects me to some of my friends, especially the ones who enjoy photography as well. d. The first time I really noticed the importance of pictures to me was when I found out I was going to be moving to North Carolina. Around this time I made sure my camera was always on me. Whenever I was with my friends I had a way of documenting my memories with them to be sure that I would never forget them.


Research: (credible sites)

Lombardo, Daniel. "Harnischmacher, Cyrill. Closeup Shooting: A Guide to Closeup, Tabletop, and Macro Photography." Library Journal 15 Nov. 2007: 56.Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 19 Feb. 2014. <|A172685714&v=2.1&u=char69915&it=r&p= LitRG&sw=w&asid=edf0bc45eca358fc4cc86d93adc271e4>. This article will help me learn the basics of macro photography so I can start practicing using my camera. Harris, R. (2005). Being a Photographer. American Scientist, 93(4), 378. doi:4600490837 This second article will teach me about what I need to do to be a photographer, giving me tips and ideas to being successful. Fisher, D. K., & Novati, A. (2009). Make a pinhole camera. Technology Teacher, 69(3), 1519. doi:471892124 This third article will teach me how to make a pinhole camera to try using film to capture a

picture differently.


Multimodal Project Ideas a. My first idea for my multimodal project is to create a website. In this website I would like to share all the knowledge I have gathered on photography, from the history to the career options available. On this website I would also share some of my own photography, including pictures I took before I did research and then pictures from after I used some of the photography tips I learn. b. My second idea was to create a photography company. I can make business cards, a business plan as well as a website advertising my images.


Plan for research and multimodal project (How are you going to approach the research? What due dates will you set for yourself? How will you get everything done by the class due dates? Include the research and multimodal project parts of the project and the dates you will have them completed.) a. My plan is to find more articles about specifics in photography, the history as well as tips. b. I would also like to find more academic books on photography. c. My due dates for myself make sure I get everything finished on time: i. The goal is to make my final decision on the Multimodal project by February 20th

ii. Annotated reference list to be completed by February 22nd iii. Multimodal project started by March 1st iv. Gather my own photographs throughout Spring Break v. Have the multimodal project 80%