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Dis Keeper 2009 Administrator User Manual

Dis Keeper 2009 Administrator User Manual

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Published by: Poljkan on Nov 03, 2009
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The Alert History data set duplicates the information shown in the Alert Reports sent daily via e-mail to
specified recipients. (The Diskeeper Administrator Alerts features are described in detail on page 40.) The
Alerts Report includes this information:

Alert type
Computer name
Diskeeper edition
Diskeeper version
Volume name
Alert Time
When the Alert History data set is selected, you are given the option to include all Diskeeper Administrator
alerts in the report, or specify a range of time for you want to see any alerts.

38 Diskeeper Administrator Operation

The Alert History data set is similar to the standard Diskeeper Administrator alerts (as described on page 40),
but since you can specify a starting and ending time period to examine, it is useful for seeing a compilation of
Diskeeper Alerts covering a specific time period.

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