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Chelsea Lee

8220 Riding Ridge Place Mclean, VA 22102 Phone: 703-677-2843 Email: Chelsea lee17!"ahoo com

To Whom It May Concern: I love to sing! My earliest memory is bopping around my bedroom at age five, singing Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra. I have been a full time musician for 8 years now, and have experience in many styles of music- blues, folk, jazz, etc. If selected to join your staff, I would bring a unique artistic approach to the classroom integrating music and the arts with other academic disciplines. My portfolio includes examples of this method. I have worked in the field of Early Childhood Education as a caregiver for over four years. Through essential fieldwork, I have learned young childrens characteristics and needs and how to create a supportive and respectful learning environment. For the past three months, I have taught music classes to three different age groups: 12 to 20 months, 2 to 3 years, and 4 years old. Through these experiences, Ive learned how to modify activities according to developmental level, capabilities, and interests of the children. As a professional, I will always strive to generate a challenging and encouraging environment, while collaborating with families and other professionals within the field. Once I have graduated from the Early Childhood Education field at Northern Virginia Community College, I plan to continue my education at George Mason University. I intend to continue my education to remain knowledgeable of relevant trends, teaching strategies, and teaching materials. I would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your school. Thank you for your time and consideration for this position. Sincerely, Chelsea Lee

Chelsea Lee
8220 Riding Ridge Place Mc#ean, VA 22102 703-677-2843 chelsea lee17!"ahoo com SUMMARY
P$o%essional e&'e$ience incl(des sales, $ece')ionis), ca$egi*e$ and adminis)$a)i*e 'osi)ions

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE #il" Pad a) Me)$o Pa$+, Ale&and$ia, VA ,e-$(a$" 2014- P$esen) Music Teacher/Floater P$o*ides m(sic classes and ins)$(men)s %o$ 12 mon)hs-4 "ea$s old
.('e$*ision o% child$en in )he da" ca$e cen)e$ /in%an)s-4 "ea$s old0

#il" Pad, 1nc , 2he 3ids Cl(- a) 4es)5ood Co(n)$" Cl(-, Vienna, VA Day Care Pro i!er/Ca"# Cou$selor Res'onsi-le %o$ o'ening and closing o% da" ca$e cen)e$ 7andles dail" adminis)$a)i*e )as+s .('e$*ision o% child$en in )he da" ca$e cen)e$ as 5ell as on %ield )$i's Clien) ,i$s) .e))lemen)s .e$*ices ##C, Mc#ean, VA A!"i$istrati e Assista$t/Rece#tio$ist Res'onsi-le %o$ ans5e$ing 'hones, g$ee)ing c(s)ome$s, and %iling Main)ained o%%ice calenda$ P$e'a$ed necessa$" doc(men)s %o$ se))lemen)s Assis)ed 5i)h dail" o'e$a)ions o% )he o%%ice

A'$il 2010 6 P$esen)

2008- P$esen)

,$ee Peo'le, Mc#ean, VA


A(g(s) 2011-,e-$(a$"

Sales Associate Res'onsi-le %o$ g$ee)ing c(s)ome$s, ans5e$ing 'hones, and handling '($chases8sales Assis)ed 5i)h dail" adminis)$a)i*e )as+s Managed and so$)ed ne5 me$chandise and '$od(c)s

2he Ven)($es 9$o(', Vienna, VA Rece#tio$ist Res'onsi-le %o$ ans5e$ing 'hones and dail" $ece')ion )as+s 7andled incoming and o()going mail and o)he$ co$$es'ondence Assis)ed o%%ice s)a%% 5i)h s'ecial '$o:ec)s

.(mme$ 2007

Mic$oso%) ;%%ice .(i)e, iCalenda$8MAC

<o$)he$n Vi$ginia Comm(ni)" College P$esen) #angle" 7igh .chool, Mc#ean, VA 9$ad(a)ed 200=