System Requirements: ==================== Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) Pentium III or above processor Minimum 256 MB RAM 300

MB Hard Disk Space CD-RW/ROM Drive Troubleshooting / FAQ ====================== Q. Fonts not installed or not displaying proper fonts? A. You need to restart your system, there may be case when fonts are not install ed properly unless your system is restarted, this problem generally occurs with windows 98 users. Q. Problem with printer setting? A. The default printing size for the software is A4. Select properties of your p rinter and set the paper size to A4. Q. Error registering files, setup hangs at the end? A. There may be problem with your windows or due to some other running programs at the background, setup may not install certain files or register it. Try closi ng some applications running at background or restart the computer and try insta lling again. Q. CD-Key error? Software is not reading my CD, invalid key-disc error? A. There may be problem with the CD or scrathes on the CD. Get the CD replaced f rom the program vendor. Q. When I start program Run time error occurs and program closes? A. There are two possible cause for this, 1. Your system may not having admin ri ghts, right click on the desktop icon and click run as admin. 2. You system is n ot having proper regional settings so that software can understand certain date and time formats. For this goto control panel>Regional & Language options>Select English United States in Regional Options. Apply and restart the program, it wi ll surely start running. Q. Software hangs when I export file or save some files? A. This problem occurs when you are not running software under admin rights. Due to certain restrictions the program is unable to save files to your computer. F or this you can right click on the software's icon on the desktop and click "run as admin". This may surely solve the file saving problem.