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1heresa r|ce

124 De|ta Dr|ve natt|esburg, MS 39402

hone (601)-668-8933 1heresa.r|ceQeag|
Webs|te: https:]]s||]a]eag|]tpr|ce]

1o work ln a dleLeLlcs envlronmenL lnvolvlng menLorshlp of lndlvlduals or groups ln achlevlng nuLrlLlon and healLh goals.
Master of Sc|ence |n Nutr|t|on and D|etet|cs May 2014
1he unlverslLy of SouLhern Mlsslsslppl, PaLLlesburg, MS
8ache|or of Sc|ence |n Nutr|t|on and D|etet|cs May 2012
1he unlverslLy of SouLhern Mlsslsslppl, PaLLlesburg, MS
ke|ated Lxper|ence
D|etet|c Intern Laurel, MS
SouLh CenLral 8eglonal Medlcal CenLer AugusL 2013- May 2014
o erform sanlLaLlon and safeLy funcLlons relaLed Lo employees, cusLomers, faclllLles, and food
o ConducL sLudles and assessmenLs for quallLy lmprovemenLs
o Assess nuLrlLlonal sLaLus of lndlvlduals, dlagnose nuLrlLlon problems and plan and lmplemenL nuLrlLlon
lnLervenLlons whlle esLabllshlng goals for monlLorlng and evaluaLlon of ouLcomes
Graduate Ass|stant PaLLlesburg, MS
SLudenL PealLh Servlces- Cfflce of PealLh romoLlon AugusL 2012-!une 2013
o ConducLed educaLlon sesslons on nuLrlLlon, flLness, sexual healLh, and alcohol
o Managed and supervlsed Wellness Ambassador sLudenL group
o lanned and lmplemenLed healLh relaLed evenLs for programs on campus
SINNING Group I|tness Instructor PaLLlesburg, MS
AnaLomles SepLember 2012-resenL
o Choreograph hour-long SlnnlnC sesslons
o rovlde moLlvaLlon and encouragemenL LhroughouL group sesslons for parLlclpanLs
Adm|n|strat|ve Ass|stant urvls, MS
urvls Anlmal Cllnlc !une 2008 - AugusL 2012
o 8alanced worklng 20-40 hours/week whlle fullLlme sLudenL
o CreeLed and asslsLed cusLomers
o Conveyed compuLer llLeracy
o romoLed sales
o ulsplayed ouLsLandlng lnLerpersonal skllls
Vo|unteer Work
kunner's n|gh
o CreaLed a nuLrlLlon educaLlon handouL PaLLlesburg, MS
o resenLed Lo a local runnlng group abouL general nuLrlLlon CcLober 2012, lebruary 2013, March 2013
|nk Cactus norse Camp PaLLlesburg, MS
o ueveloped and honed leadershlp skllls Summer 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
o Worked wlLh peers ln a group seLLlng
Westm|n|ster resbyter|an Church PaLLlesburg, MS
o SeparaLed food lLems uecember, 2011
o CollecLed and dlsLrlbuLed food lLems accordlng Lo famlly slze
SouLh CenLral uleLeLlc ulsLrlcL AssoclaLlon SepLember 2013-resenL
Amerlcan 8ed Cross C8 cerLlfled AugusL 2012-resenL
?MCA Croup Lxerclse cerLlfled !une 2012-resenL
SlnnlnC cerLlfled May 2012-resenL
uSM SLudenL uleLeLlc AssoclaLlon AugusL 2009-May 2012
Academy of nuLrlLlon and uleLeLlcs Member Aprll 2012-resenL
Serv-Safe cerLlfled Aprll 2011-resenL


Ashley 1hreaLL, MS
PealLh LducaLor
1he unlverslLy of SouLhern Mlsslsslppl, SLudenL PealLh Servlces
Lmall: Ashley.1hreaLL[
hone: 601-266-6006

Molly Lngel, 8u
8eglsLered uleLlLlan
nuLrlLlon SysLems
Lmall: Molly.Lngel[
hone: 231-978-0268

Allcla Sample, hu, 8u
1he unlverslLy of SouLhern Mlsslsslppl
Lmall: Allcla.Sample[
hone: 601-266-3184

Meegan LofLln
8ecenL Croup llLness ulrecLor
AnaLomles Cym
Lmall: Meegan.LofLln[
hone: 601-343-7411

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