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Flock Dashboard

Flock Dashboard

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Published by: Zoran Šušak on Apr 28, 2014
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www.flockit.com DonJer Products Company • 13142 Murphy oad • !inne"a#o$ %& '1()) *)((+ 33','-3. • *)1-+ 24.,)..


How To Flock A Dashboard, Headliner, Or Similar Large Surface
Prepare The Surface Because the flock finish will follow the contour of the surface showing imperfections it is important the surface be repaired if necessar!" and smoothed# All holes and cracks must be filled Bondo works" and the surface should be relati$el! smooth, although fine sanding is not necessar!# %f working on a large piece of wood make sure the surface is completel! sealed before appl!ing the finish see basic instructions"# %f !ou are working on a dashboard, once it is prepared and smoothed, wipe it down with acetone to remo$e an! grime, oils or surface dirt# Allow the acetone to e$aporate before appl!ing the adhesi$e#

Suede-Tex Adhesive – Preparatio Suede&Te' undercoat adhesi$e is colored to complement the Suede&Te' fibers ( because the flock fibers do not co$er e$er! fraction of an inch it is possible to see the surface through the fibers, therefore, Suede&Te' undercoat adhesi$e is colored# The adhesi$e will dr! with enough fle'ibilit! to appl! to padded $in!l, but it is too stiff to appl! to soft surfaces such as seats# Suede&Te' undercoat adhesi$e is self&le$eling and, after application, will )uickl! smooth out to an e$en te'ture# *orking time with the adhesi$e is +, to +- minutes# Larger pro.ects, such as dashboards, need a slightl! hea$ier coat of adhesi$e to e'tend the working time to its +- minute ma'imum and pro$ide sufficient working time to appl! the fibers# Application of the Suede-Tex undercoat adhesive can be with: 1. regular paint spra!ing e)uipment (2.0mm orifice recommended)/ 2. a 01 paint roller with a short +231" nap ( NOT FOA / !. a natural bristle paint brush ( NOT FOA # The paint brush is not recommended for a large surface such as a dashboard/ it can be used for touch&ups# %f !ou are using spra! e)uipment to appl! the adhesi$e, thinning ma! be necessar!# Add .ust enough mineral spirits paint thinner" to the adhesi$e to allow it spra! e$enl! through the spra! applicator & too much and the solids in the adhesi$e that hold the fibers in place can break down# Suede-Tex Fi!ers – Preparatio *hether !ou choose to use the Air&Assisted Spra! Applicator AASA" or the 4ini Flocker, !ou5ll want to ha$e !our flocking e)uipment filled +26 full" and set aside read! to be used# To more easil! fill the AASA make a funnel out of a sheet of 7 81'++1 paper (see illustration) and gentl! drop the fibers from the top of the funnel#


I often wear a %iner&s headla%p when doing coating wor'. perhaps putting newspaper on the floor# <lan a separate area for appl!ing the adhesi$e so that the . Flock %t: suggests !ou purchase two and find a friend to help# "or# Area – Preparatio HINT – Lighting – Set up a light to shine on the surface you are coating. !.The 4ini Flocker can be easil! filled b! scooping up the fibers with the back section of the 4ini Flocker no holes"# 9entl! place the end with holes o$er the back section and slowl! push the two cardboard tubes together aiming it awa! from !our face# *hen working on larger surfaces such as a dashboard or headliner Flock %t: recommends using the Air&Assisted Spra! Applicator AASA" to )uickl! and e$enl! appl! the Suede&Te' fibers to the Suede&Te' adhesi$e# %f a compressor is not a$ailable it is possible to appl! the fibers using the 4ini Flocker. %f !ou are planning on reclaiming fibers set up a .clean1 area. "hen applying the fi#ers$ the reflection of the adhesive will disappear when sufficient fi#ers have #een applied. 1.clean1 fibers do not become contaminated# An! fibers that are kept clean can be reused# App$icatio of Adhesive a d Fi!ers 6 . but this re)uires much more time than the AASA# %f !ou do select to use the 4ini Flocker. This light will reflect on the adhesive to indicate it is wet and liquidy (see illustration when applied.

Flock %t: does not recommend using a brush when working on large ob. HINT – "hile 1( to 1) psi should #e enough pressure to %ove the fi#ers fro% the **S* I usually turn %y co%pressor up to appro+.Once !ou ha$e set up !our area and prepared the piece !ou are coating it is time to appl! the adhesi$e# Appl! the adhesi$e using a spra! gun or a paint roller 01 with =1 nap ( >OT FOA4"# Because of the limited time a$ailable to appl! the adhesi$e. degrees as possible (see illustration). or )uickl! run the roller back o$er the adhesi$e once# This will e'tend !our working time to the full ma'imum of +.( psi. %mmediatel! begin appl!ing the fibers holding the Air&Assisted Spra! Applicator on a slightl! downward angle & this allows an air pocket at the outlet no@@le so that the fibers can spra! e$enl! (see illustration)# Begin spra!ing the fibers mo$ing from the bottom of !our piece to the top (this minimi@es the e'cess fibers that fall on the uncoated section# The fibers will hit the surface at whate$er angle the! are spra!ed so it is important that !ou continue to hold the applicator at the same angle to the piece when possible" and mo$e it up and down 0 .minutes# <rop up !our piece so that !ou can aim !our applicator as close to ?.then I gently pull the trigger until the fi#ers start to flow.ects e'cept for touch&ups# Once !ou feel !ou ha$e applied sufficient adhesi$e see illus" go back o$er the surface with a )uick misting if using the spra! gun. "hen using this %ethod do not pull the trigger all the way as this will cause too %uch air which will #low past the fi#ers and could dry the adhesive pre%aturely. .

hours (overnight is best) for an initial dr!ing# *hen working on a large ob. Suede&Te' adhesi$e takes appro'# +. but an additional dr!ing time of B6 hours to one week is necessar! for the finish to cure completel!# At this point !ou can $acuum the rest of the fibers or !ou can blow the fibers awa! using compressed air# 'LEANING (P Since the fibers applied are n!lon the! can be cleaned with spot carpet cleaner when necessar!# <aint thinner is recommended for cleaning brushes after use with Suede&Te' undercoat adhesi$e# Reco))e ded *ua tit+ of Fi!ers a d Adhesive For an a$erage si@ed dashboard we recommend two 6" 0o@# bags of the n!lon fibers and one +" 7o@# can of undercoat adhesi$e# This will allow enough fibers for o$erspra!# Fi ished Product Flocked Dashboard 3 . sufficient fibers ha$e been applied when !ou no longer see the reflection of the light in the adhesi$e# %R&ING TIME Once !ou ha$e completed the application of the flock fibers set the dashboard aside# "O NOT TA# O$ S%A&' off e'cess fibers until the initial dr!ing time is completed# Dr!ing time differs when working on a large ob.ects !ou will need to refill the canister with fibers at least twice probabl! more"# An e'tra canister is suggested to make this change )uick and seamless# Aust unscrew the empt! canister and attach the filled one# An assistant can be refilling the canister as !ou continue spra!ing the fibers into the wet adhesi$e# Once again using a light shining on the surface.ect e'tra adhesi$e ma! ha$e been applied to e'tend the working time which ma! re)uire e'tra dr!ing time# HINT – To deter%ine that the adhesive has dried sufficiently place your hand lightly on the finish. the initial dr!ing time is enough to remo$e the e'cess fibers. It will feel cool to the touch if is not dried sufficiently. to +. *hen working on large ob. Because the adhesi$e dries from the outside in.( do not tilt it.ect# T!picall!.

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