s such. . really gross+ Rob Hawkins: My Zombies were heavily influenced by the films of George . Zombies like to add a little variety to their heady fare "groan# with a steaming bowl of bowels. created the Zombie who's inadvertently cut off his own head. you will find the macabre fruits of these hobbyists' labors.To celebrate this Halloween season. Hence. decided to convert one Zombie feeding on the intestines of another. braaains. The &ndead cannot live on cerebella alone. The other two are in the $rocess of $ulling out "or stuffing back in# their own intestines. these modelers took the time to come u$ with a grou$ of e%ce$tionally gross &ndead models in the $ursuit of making !hris 'Go-Go' Golinghorst ill "he's the &( )romotions ffice Manager#. The shorter Zombie "whom . for ins$iration . These conversions are really. -omero is leaving a bloody trail behind him as he drags himself towards a fresh victim. almost comical. -omero * each Zombie has lots of guts and entrails dangling from its body. Much like the first Zombie Gross-out a Go-Go nline !ontest "featured way back in White Dwarf 238#. true e$icures of entrails. 4inally. . 2ow. demeanor. also like to give my Zombies a sort of clumsy. generally have access to a steady su$$ly of visceral vittles. 3very now and then. braaaaaains. Warning * you may want to kee$ a trash can or $a$er bag handy. we decided to host a small contest between four gore-lovin' hobbyists to see who could create the most creative and disgusting Zombie. 4or a bit of humor. thought it would be funny to have the other end of the Zombie's innards caught on the wea$on of the guy on the end with another Zombie getting clotheslined. n the ne%t $age. These gastronomes of guts. . . . as internal organs can often be found hanging out of the abdomens of their fellow walking cor$ses.. refer to as /-omero0# was $robably some $oor towns$erson who was torn in half during a Zombie feeding fren1y. They must have eaten some bad chili+ Rob’s Zombies include a group of disgustingl elegant characters! "irst# we ha$e %Romero& himself# followed b two more gor Zombies! 'astl # there is %(r! Where’s (e Hat)& *ric +arlin: My thinking is that even largely mindless Zombies grow weary of a steady diet of brains.

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