Page: 1|2|3|4|5|6 Heinrich Kemmler can be taken as a Lor choice, b!t he "ill !se !# one o$ %o!r Hero choices as "ell& Taking Kemmler co!nts as taking a Lor an a Hero& He m!st be $iel e e'actl% as #resente here an no e'tra e(!i#ment or magic items can be bo!ght $or him& I$ %o!r arm% is le b% Kemmler, it ma% also incl! e Krell i$ %o! "ish& einrich Kemmler was once a powerful and much feared Necromancer, until ambitious rivals began to usurp his power !he" nearl" succeeded in driving the #ichemaster to his death, and although he finall" managed to beat off his attac$ers, his bod" was bro$en and his mind blasted in the battle %or man" "ears &einrich wandered the 're" (ountains and the )order *rinces as little better than a half sane beggar, until b" some +uir$ of fate he stumbled on the tomb of Krell, the long dead ,haos warrior &ere he struc$ a terrible pact with the gods of ,haos !he" restored him to his former power and in return &einrich swore to sla" and destro" in their name Now once again the name of the #ichemaster stri$es terror into the hearts of ordinar" fol$ and tales of his foul deeds are whispered when retold throughout the -ld .orld &einrich stands a little under si/ feet tall and has long, filth" white hair )eneath his robes, his bod" is covered with scars, cuts and abrasions from his "ears of madness &e is shrouded in a large dar$ cloa$ that swirls and twitches with a life of its own &e carries the might" wi0ard1s staff he made, a potent magical item which is topped with a s$ull that chatters and gibbers constantl"

Heinrich Kemmler, The Lichemaster

M Heinrich Kemmler Points3 454 )ea#ons: 5word 4

)S 3

*S 3

S 3

T 4

) 4

I 3

A 1

L 2

page 54951: Cloak o$ Mist an Sha o"s: 7see 8ampire . a 5pell %amiliar and a )lac$ *eriapt 7see 8ampire . Kemmler can cast an" one of the spells he $nows.uleboo$.Armo!r: None Mo!nt: None S#ells: Kemmler is a level 4 Necromancer and alwa"s uses Necromantic spells Master o$ Necromanc%: 6s long as he has enough *ower dice.arhammer . page 154: . page 51: Po"er Stone: 7see .ounts arm" boo$.ounts arm" boo$. even one that he has alread" cast in the same (agic phase Sta$$ o$ the Lichemaster: !his most powerful Necromantic tool has the combined powers of a 5$ull 5taff. a *ower %amiliar.

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