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Modelling Windows

Modelling Windows

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Published by Andy Kirkwood
stain glass
stain glass

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Published by: Andy Kirkwood on Apr 29, 2014
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MODELLING STAINED GLASS WINDOWS AND THE GRAIL CHAPEL With the splendour of Grail hapels and other

!retonnian "uildin#s$ stained #lass %indo%s are a o&&on si#ht '%hen not destro(ed "( "attle)* T( +ino hiaro sho%s (ou ho% to &odel the& here* Stained glass is a common sight in the worlds of Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, and even The Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game. When constructing scenery, stained glass can add a level of detail that really ma es your !uilding or ruin more realistic. Below, "#ve given you three ways to model stained glass.

Step One $aint, %hotogra%h, or scan a stained glass image. Si&e it to fit on your com%uter, then %rint it out in colour.

Step T%o 'ut the %rinted image out. Leave a small edge that can !e used for gluing.

Step Three Glue the %rintout in %lace, and you#re done. Sure, it#s not trans%arent, !ut it loo s nice(

Step One Li e !efore, find a stained glass image, si&e it to the correct dimensions, and %rint it out.

Step T%o )ead off to *in o#s or Sta%les and as for a colour trans%arency to !e made of your %rintout.

Step Three 'ut the trans%arent image out. Leave a small edge that can !e used for gluing.

Step +our Glue the trans%arency in %lace, and you#re done. Let the light shine in(

Step One Step T%o Gra! a !lister %ac and 'ut the !lister card a %air of scissors. +stained glass+ to fit into your window.

Step Three Step +our ,sing mar ers or in s, Glue the glass in create your stained %lace, and your glass image. windows are finished(

-ow that you#ve seen how to ma e stained glass, chec out this Bretonnian Grail 'ha%el %ro.ect. The setting of Bretonnia is %erfect for stained glass, so don#t .ust limit yourselves to the cha%el. ,se your imagination and go nuts( !,ILDING A GRAIL CHAPEL +ollo%in# on fro& the stained #lass %indo%s terrain-"uildin# arti le$ %e ta.e a loo. at "uildin# a !retonnian Grail hapel$ for (ou /ni#hts of the Real& to defend*

Step One0 /a e the !ase for the shrine roofto% from eight %lastic fortress wall section %ara%ets cut 0+ wide. Glue these %ieces to an octagon1sha%ed %iece of 234+ %lasticard with 0+ wide sides. 5rom 2326+ %lasticard, cut the roof sides into triangular sha%es with 0+ wide !ases. ,sing a tem%late for these %ieces will ma e construction much easier. Step T%o0 'ut the %lastic fortress walls into sections wide enough to accommodate the roofto%. 'ut sections of 234+ hard!oard to fill the recesses of the alcoves and the doorway. Glue te7tured %lastic sheeting 8availa!le at most model train su%%ly stores9 to sheets

of foamcore and glue the %ieces inside the doorway and alcoves to ma e the !ac ing. Glue the doors from the %lastic fortress inside the doorway.

Step Three0 :ssem!le the roofto% and cha%el !ase and then glue the com%lete cha%el to a hard!oard3foam hill !ase with Li;uid -ails. /a e sure that the sides of your hill go high enough to reach the !ottoms of the alcoves. Test fit everything !efore you glue anything down. ,se Li;uid -ails to fill any ga%s !etween the hill and cha%el. Smooth out the .oins with a %o%sicle stic or something similar 8it#s really hard to get Li;uid -ails off of your fingers9. Step +our0 :dd details li e a cone mar er from the Talisman game and a Grail from a Grail *night helmet for the roof ca%. ,se !asswood stri%s as trim around the front door, %ara%et, and roofto%. The statues in the alcoves are archive /on models, and the gargoyles are !its from the smo e stac of the <m%ire Steam Tan and the Sisters of Battle shrine. :dditional !its include %lastic Bretonnian shields and /ordheim !uilding accessories. 5or a more realistic loo , you can also add stained glass to the alcoves 8ma e windows !ehind the statues9 or add small windows to the doors. When the detail wor is com%lete, glue down large !oulders on the hillside with Li;uid -ails and te7ture the !ase with sand. $rime the entire structure with 'haos Blac S%ray $rimer, and the shrine is ready to !e %ainted.

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