Battle Near Namkham Town (April 20, 2014


A battle between the Burma/Myanmar go ernment troop! "rom M#$%1& an' the Ta(ang Army Battalion%4)* (+alaung, or Ta(ang National ,iberation Army) !tarte' at about 1*1- hour! on April 20, 2014, at a pla.e between Man%aung an' /!a%lu 0illage!1

The battle took pla.e a! the Myanmar go ernment "or.e! ga e .ha!e to the Ta(ang Army troop!, who were on patrol to Man%aung, +a%'en, /!a%lu an' /!aing% 'aung illage!1 The hea y weapon !hell! "ire' by the Myanmar "or.e! .ompletely 'e!troye' a hou!e in Man%aung illage1 Man%aung an' /!a%lu illager! are in pani. an' running "or their li e! an' going into hi'ing,!e o" the battle1 The battle i! .ontinuing at the time o" thi! report, an' more 'etail! will be gi en later1

At about 0&20 hour!, a Myanmar military .olumn "rom ,3B%)) "ire' about 20 hea y weapon roun'! at Ain%lort illage in 4ay%kin 0illage Tra.t o" Nam!an Town!hip1 The hea y weapon !hell! "ell an' e5plo'e' near hou!e! in the mi''le o" the illage1

/owe er, the !hell! lu.kily 'i' not "all on the hou!e! an' hurt the illager!1 The go ernment troop! are !helling the illage! in'i!.riminately, on the a!!umption that the Ta(ang an' 4a.hin army troop! are a.ti e in the area1

New! an' 3n"ormation 6epartment +7,8/TN,A +hone! 09492149-1 092-&4&-&*1 094)09)))2 0&92&224*-*

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