MS WORD  List of Keyboard Commands for Beginners and Professionals THE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS WILL HELP YOU TO WORK FASTER

Description Add or remove spacing before current para – 6pts Align Text Left Align Text Right Bold Break Column Break Page Break Soft (not page_break) Center Change Font Close Copy Create Bullet Point Cut Delete a word on the left Delete a word on the right Drag selected word or text Find Go to what: Enter page number Grow Font Help Insert Cent (¢) symbol Insert Hyperlink Italic Justify Line – Cursor move to first line Line – Cursor move to last line Line space (1.5) Line space (Double) Line space (Single) Move cursor one word to the left Move cursor one word to the right Move cursor to the beginning of line/ paragraph Move cursor to the beginning of the document Shortcuts Ctrl + 0 Ctrl + L Ctrl + R Ctrl + B CTRL + SHIFT+ ENTER CTRL + ENTER SHIFT + ENTER Ctrl + E Ctrl + SHIFT + F Ctrl + W Ctrl + C Ctrl + SHIFT + L Ctrl + X Ctrl + Backspace Ctrl + Delete Select_text_or_word and drag to new location Ctrl + F F5 Ctrl + ] F1 Ctrl + / + c Ctrl + K Ctrl + I Ctrl + J HOME END Ctrl + 5 Ctrl + 2 Ctrl + 1 Ctrl + Left Arrow Ctrl + Right Arrow Ctrl + Up Arrow Ctrl + Home

Description Move cursor to the end of line/ paragraph Move cursor to the end of the document Open Paste Paste Print Print Print Preview Printing Characters (View/ Hide) Redo Reset to default font Ribbon Open/ Closed Save Save Save as Screen - Up One Screen Screen - Down One Screen Select paragraph Select word Shrink Font Shrink Font Spelling and Grammar Style (Heading 1) Style (Heading 2) Style (Heading 3) Subscript Superscript Text Upper/ Lower case Thesaurus Time - Current Underline Undo Window - Maximize/ Minimize

Shortcuts Ctrl + Down Arrow Ctrl + End Ctrl + O Ctrl + V SHIFT + INSERT Ctrl + P Ctrl + SHIFT + F12 Ctrl + F2 Ctrl + SHIFT + * Ctrl + Y Ctrl + Spacebar Ctrl + F1 Ctrl + S SHIFT + F12 F12 PAGE UP PAGE DOWN Double click (thrice) Double click (twice) Ctrl + Ctrl + [ F7 Ctrl + ALT + 1 Ctrl + ALT + 2 Ctrl + ALT + 3 Ctrl + = Ctrl + SHIFT + = SHIFT + F3 SHIFT + F7 SHIFT + ALT +T Ctrl + U Ctrl + Z ALT + F10


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