Name : Date of Birth : Address : %onta&t No. . mail /D : : Abhinav Malhotra 6th January 1990 H. no. 1! Amar "utiya #ali Devi D$ara Malhotra street Jammu! Jammu and "ashmir '91 9(966)*)+,! '91 191)-,60(1

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1o obtain a 2osition that $ill enable me to use my stron3 or3ani4ational s5ills! edu&ational ba&53round! and ability to $or5 $ell $ith 2eo2le. Mana3ement trainee utili4in3 e62osure to ban5 fun&tions and o2erations! analyti&al! and or3ani4ational s5ills. 7on3 term 3oal of bran&h mana3er. 8&om2rehend both the ob9e&tives and &hoose one $ith your 3ut feelin3:

Professional Qualification NAM. ;< 1H. %;=>?. B.%.A NAM. ;< 1H. /N?1/1=1. NAM. ;< 1H. B;A>D@=N/A.>?/1B

1ri5uta %olle3e of %om2uter Jammu =niversity s&ien&e and mana3ement

Educational Qualifications ?.No. NAM. ;< 1H. .CAM/NA1/;N NAM. ;< 1H. /N?1/1=1. NAM. ;< B;A>D@ =N/A.>?/1B B.A> #>AD.



1ri5uta %olle3e;f Jammu %om2uter ?&ien&eD =niversity mana3ement ?tudies




?enior ?e&ondary

)00* Jammu D 5ashmir Board of ?e&ondary .6amination 1iny 1ots Hi3her Jammu D )006 ?e&ondary s&hool 5ashmir Board of ?e&ondary .6amination





6&el! Fo$er Foint %!%''!Aisual Basi& 8AB:!Html /nternet ?urfin3 Projects Underta#en A  /nventory syatem in %''n lan3ua3e &obbies ' S"ecial Interests    #oo3lin3 Flayin3 #ames .n %om2uter ?o&ial Net$or5in3 General Information Name :Ab inav Mal otra <atherGs Name : ?h.n3lish! Hindi! Do3ri and Fun9abi .!om"uter S#illscondar$ E%amination    Mi&rosoft Eord! Mi&rosoft . Mano9 Malhotra Marital ?tatus : ?in3le 7an3ua3es "no$n : .