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BESIRENERESRESSESERSE RES ower ee ean KAPLAN) USMLE Step 2 Diagnostic MEDICAL 5 Fy ra CF “Three weeks afer sustaining @ myocardial infarction, a §8.year-od man comes tothe emexgency department with severe rerostemal chest pain. The pain worsens upon inspiration and coughing ands releved by siting up and leaning foward. His temperature is 38. C (101.3 F), biood pressure is 118178 mm Ha, pulse is 85fmin, and respirations are 18min. On examination, a high-pitched scratching and grating sound is heard athe lower lft stomal border. ECG shows ST segment elevations in lads I, AVL, V2 through V6; QRS complexes are normal Which of he folowing the most kel diagnosis? OA. Cardacrupire OB, Dressler syndrome O6, Rightventicular infarction OD. Thrombaemboiism OE. Vonticuar anourysm BESIRENSRESSESSESERSE RES ower eae KAPLAN) USMLE Step 2 Diagnostic MEDICAL 'A.34-year-cd woman comes tothe physician for her fst prenatal visit She slates that her lst menstrual period was about 7 weeks ago. She took a home pregnancy test last week hat was positive. She has had no abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, She has a history of Ihypattyroiism for which she takes thyroid hormone replacement and no other medical issues. Examination is unvemarkable except for @ uterus that s 12-week sized Which ofthe folowing isthe most appropriate net step in management? OA. Abdorinal xray fm OB. Expectant management 0.6. Petac computed tomography sean OD. Peticmagnetic resonance imaging OF Pevicutrasound KAPLAN) USMLE Step 2 Diagnostic MEDICAL BESIRENSERESSRSSEXERSE RES ower eae ‘A S-year-od man witha long history of smoking and alcohol abuse is hospitalized for evaluation and tzeatment of @ squamous cel carcinoma ‘ofthe larynx. On his second hospital day, he complains of sweating, tremors, and vague gastrointestinal distiess. On physical examination he is aruious, wih a temperature of 38.9 C (101 F), blood pressure of 150/100 mm Ha, pulse of 104imin and a respiratory rate of 22min. Late that ‘day he has thvae generalized tonic-clonic seizures, Which ofthe folowing isthe most key cause of hs sezures? OA. Akoholwitharawal OB, Ban metastasis OG. Hypocalcerta OD. Febrie seizure © E. Subaural hematoma