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1750 Iron Gate Blvd.

, Forney, Texas 75126


April 29, 2014

Dear Parent/Guardian: At this time we are going through the permanent files and reviewing things to prepare for the 2014 201! s"hool #ear$ %f #ou &now that #ou are moving, this summer or 'efore the s"hool #ear starts, out of (mith)s attendan"e *one or out of +orne# %(D we would li&e to &now this information at this time$ Please write in the address, or new "it# and state #ou are moving to and return with #our "hild to s"hool '# ,a# 2-, 2014$ .ou "an also email this form to me at *ulema$apoda"a/forne#isd$net 0hild)s 1ame:2222222222222222222222222222 3ea"her:22222222222222222222222222222222 1ew address/state:222222222222222222222222 3han&s, 4ulema Apoda"a P5%,( 0ler& (mith 5lementar# 469 762 41!8 e9t$ 2101

3he +orne# %ndependent ("hool Distri"t does not dis"riminate on the 'asis of ra"e, "olor, national origin, se9, disa'ilit#, or age in its programs and a"tivities$