01-03_Ch20: Politics of the Roaring Twenties!

Timeline: 1919 - 1929" FQ: Which Political Elements of 1920's America Reflect Best the Developments of that Decade? " " Main Idea: The Post-war period (first decade after World War I's end) revealed an American society that wanted to distance itself from the horror, misery, and effort of a massive (global) conflict. The desire for "Normalcy" was great. " " The nation wanted to occupy itself with other endeavors, particularly in the expansion of commercial activities and the resulting wealth. Anything that could be perceived as steering the nation away from this 'Normal' pursuit was scrutinized by communities. The influx of foreigners generated suspicion and political efforts to restrict such migration gained momentum."

" CCSS...! "

I. Trends & Fears (Postwar)" " A. Labor Unrest" " B. Nativism" " C. Isolationism" " D. "Red Scare": Fear of ... " • 1919" • IWW" • Domestic Terrorism: Bombs mailed to government offices." • Palmer Raids: Who is the Best Known G-Man?" " E. Anarchists: Sacco & Vanzetti (Scapegoating)"

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II. Reactions" " A. Limits on Immigration imposed by government. (Quota System on sectors of Europe)" " B. Rise in popularity of 'hate' groups: ...?" " C. Boston Police, Steel Mill, & Coal Mine Strikes. What is the problem?" III. How did the Labor Movement Fare in the 1920s?" " A. Most were immigrants" " B. Organizing was difficult" " C. African-Americans were left out of the movement" Verdict: ?" IV. Political Efforts (The Harding Administration)" " A. Kellogg-Briand Pact: Peace bonus. Disarm and save on defense budgets! (Yeah, right.)! ! B. Fordney-McCumber Tariff: Tariffs are raised to protect US businesses. Impact brinks Europe close to war once more." " C. The “hands-off business” policy of the administration contributed to rampaging corruption (Teapot Dome Scandal)."

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“I have no troubles with my enemies…But my…friends, they’re the ones that keep me walking the floor nights!” " V. Summary: Why it matters today.! Many similar trends and social forces are impacting on our world today. Among these are our dependence on the government to guard against corruption and scandal to maintain our trust."
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