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Department of the National Forestry Development Corporation (NFDC): Danna Bektassova

Consulting Firm: Daniyar Shyntassov, Emirkhan Doshaklaev Minister of Finance: Aliya Kabdieva

Introduction Background information about project

Main Body: Logical Framework Discounted Cash Flow Analysis: inflows, outflows, net benefit Loan Amortization Calculation of NPV, IRR, BCR Sensitivity Analysis

Conclusion (Modifications)

Arcos Reserve

The Arcos Reserve is 10000 sq km It was created in 1932 near San Miguel district Cutting began in 1991 close to Sanlucar The first two years yields have averaged 38 tonnes/ha By the 8th year of the project the target output should reach 75000 tonnes

Project Management

make detailed plan of the project Supply the delivery of all necessary capital equipment Employ qualified staff Purchase high grade timber for export

Logical Framework

Loan Amortization


Government subsidy instead of bank loan Changing the discount rate changes the net present value Cheaper manufacturing Less labor on higher salary

For an investment with the common pattern of having costs early and profits later, a higher discount rate makes the net present value smaller