is Ihe real keV to ltarli~5 to solve the whl. uba. In er.ui~5, ,.

u must sat the lour mi~dla s.uues on etch si4a of one fact tila SllII~ eDloa, IS t~8 eenlrl' sq~are OJ ,th,t hee. As with ·Sidlng", you un sllrt witha~t gettin, the mr-th,·.d,e

0' &Ieh arm of the cross right. Howe~er in ,roper ,muins !lIII'-TnII-eaae colour 0' IIch arm of fhe UOUnlu1t match the of t~e cenf!.1 squire on ueh over-tb-dga side"


try to gel Iwo croues o. 14ilCeot sidu - t~u three tad yOU'!. your wly to ulvin§ the whoJ. cube!

To upbil 'Over-'he-adge" coloun,

Let's IUUIM you 116 1!Ia~ift1 ont sid, of tht cuh .11 !!tue.EAch 0' the hive pieces (eKeept tha ceRlnl one I has Inolher cafour "Ol>'a! the edge" on the .djuen' side as Ihown by the mOW5. Piam in fhe middle of In edge haYe on1y bna ·O~n-I~8-edge" cof'ur Ind Dorner pieees ~Ive two.

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Vou don't HAVE TO salve the whole cube to have,fu'n with it.

:From simply ,,'yint to make one ~ide of the Uble colour to ma~in9 di'agonais, or crones orr several side!, you can choose Ihelask that fl.h the time you h~ve *'0 spend.

The cube un be a 'bri'liiallt way 10 rela~, if ,you :know that the challenge youhav,e set youneH isdo·abl&, I.dead ofreadill91he hints booklet frobl st.rt to finM, why nol try 10 find, your own ways 0' making the following patterns, Who knows, youmig:ht iliv,ent I whol B new way 0' d'oing it?

The follDw~n9 :patlernsdo try are in order 0" diffinlty, n it make! se,nSB 'la, iry them i'n tht "nle order.


is as lur D~ h'ard as' you Wail, depending on how 'mlny sidBs 'fDU d!cide to "eo/ner". Starl wi.lh one sid" 'making a diatonal row 0' ikree of th.e same colour.

In the ned revel choose IlA.e end of your row of Ihre.e sDd. make, ~notQer di~90n~I' on an .adjacent sid.e from one of the' Dyer-fhe-edge colours ,of thuDrne" you hav~ chosen. Yo~ Cln keep goin9 ufttil all the :sideshave heell co~n.ered - but if YDulre thd 9cDOd, you can probahlv lolve the whole cube anywav.

" hat IWD :Imls. In the FitsJyDU:flylO

make a whole, side'o' one ,colour in any way

you un. Vou don'f haye 10 ma~,e three·in-s·fow of the olher colours oyer-the·ed:ge il009 mh side, :Ifyou,'re frying fa devel.o, cube solving s~ills, you .thDUId lir fa make a tTa!.! OD the l.iGe YDg're "alvillg, then fill in the comm. 0' course you CAN; do Itiny way you wn! - and ..-aybe H's more fan tryio~ to d,eve!op your ,own style?

In the secon4 le~el of fiding, the rows Df IhreB ,over·the-8d~e frem a,8ch si~e be thr~·in· I· row of .one ealDur.

'4.IJ.-O-"'! it Ihe ret I keV to, sh rti"9 10 solve tbe whole cube, In crDulng, you must 9~t tllefDur 'middle squares on each side of one face ths 3ame clloar as the ce.nlral square on that lue.,h "Siding", VOIl Can flut WII~D.t getting th 1IVB1·lke-edge colours ·of each arm of Ille 6'0$3 right. Hiowever in propet crossing the mr-lbe.edgB' colour of euh arm of the DrDn must match the cDlour ,af Ihe centnl sq,um on, each over .. tne-edge side.

Now try fo ge,t two croslS! on ,.discent sidu - Ihen t:hree, Ind you're well on" your way tOio[ving, the whole cubel

To uplam "0ver-the.ed~B" tDlom.

L.el's mUnle you m makiJ9 DnB side drthe cube all bluB. each of the tillS piBCB~ (except the cButra) one] hu anDthu CO[DUI ''''OV~I the ed gen D~ the aclj~enl si'~e as ~howa by Ihe arrow!. Pines tn the middle ·0' an ~dge blve 80ly ODe "Qver-the·ed~e· cGI~Qr 'a~d .comer piece$ ~ave tw~.

~cb step in~olves a ~equ8nc8 of Iwish of the cuhe to move a parlicwlst sq.uate. Jut repeat tbe reqair~d steps a"d lite cllbe is solved!

Eaeh face of the cuhe is known by iI [«Iter. Each slep is made up of a sequence ot twish of the cube. A t~ist is to turn a face of the cuhe by a ~uarter turn. The sequence of letters for each dep means Jo tum that face of the cube by a qua.rter tUrn clockwise, then Ihe next hce and so on, for the complete sequence. The leiter 'l' means 10 turn a. face counter-clockwise. Complete the sequence for thai step and you will have moved the required squHe. Betore you start eaeh move, be sure to place your thumbs on the f side of the cube like the pidure. This will insure your cube is properly oriedafed 10 execute tbe mo~e.


T ~rn a'l&eklllbe R . Righi hce L - left Face B - Back face 0- Down Face F . fran! face U - Upper face 'Pi - Inverse (turn ecwJ


fa hern a face

clockwise imagfne you are facing that side of

the c.ube


... SOllie the Upper Green Cross

B _ Jorn the Back hc~ a quartor turn elaoklfl!i,e

Ri _ Turn th Right face a qulter . tum coanler"£lockl!lis!

HINT: To lolve the green crou, VOU have to solve eac~ green edge piece on your oWn, ont·,bv-one. ne tricky :pafl is Dot messing up the ones you've already salved. First solve the red·green .edgc, then the white· green e4ge, thep the orange-~reen edge, then tbe blltegreen edge. You have 10 figure tbis part out for yourulf. Should you ever have an edge piece in the corree! place but flipped the wrong way, ne this step to flip it without affecting the other Ihree green edgu. Jnst hol.d the cu&e witb tbe piece in the upper· right positio~ ~s in the picture belowr and do the seqoence Ri U Fi Ui. The edge piece will now be solved, and rou can work on the next edge piece.



Example Turns

Each step can he used 10 solve up to FOU,R piec~~ if there are none solved wben you start the step. Please nole that these ilh[slrations display a sample of a situstio. on your eube for ONE of tbe possible FOUR pieces mdin! to be solvd. In many cases, you will need "10 rohte the cube to a "ew starting face (with ted, orang,e, yeHo", or white center square) and repeat Ihe indruclions in ord!! to p[acB Irotde all the pieces in tht sle'pbefore moving on. The eAd result will only come AFTER all fOQr si~e$ of the cube have been fhrough thatsfep's sequence and aU the pieces are in their proper location and oriellfed properly to match the surrounding ,ceflter square colol$,. As such, you may have to repe·at the same step a 'few t,imes with differ.en' sides as the darting, face until alii the pieces are solved.

Ri U Fi Ui

... $lIllIe the Middle LayefEdges

HINT: Now flip tbe euhs o~et SO green is Oft the bottom. Tr~ to find the red-yellow edge piece. If it's in the lop layer, .turn It antilthe edge matches one oT tne pictures below. T:hen do the correspD"~i"9 sequence to solve it. If the red-yeliow edg'e piece is somewhere in the middle layer, bul it's in the wrong place or flipped tne. wrong way, hold the cube so that the re.d-yellow edge is in the front-right positio.n, and do either sequenee once. (This may require you 10 rotate the cube 'a a new face). After the move, the piece is in tbe top layer, and you esn solve it as described' above. Repeat this for the other ~ middle-layer edges.




U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F Ui Fi U fUR Ui Ri

Q $lIllIe the Middle layer Edges

HINT: Turn the top [aye·r u,til the BIlges match Doe of tbue pictu~es. If you do the tequence below once and you still don't have 'a blue CfOSS, Ihen repeat thif step u.nfH vou do. It doesn't mailer whi en race vo g start lI'ith.



F R URi Ui F,

... SlIrlie the Top Edges

HINT: Hold tht lube with red in flont. Turn the hp layer u~til the red and blue edge piece is solved as in the picture, and Iken refeat the sequence below until the feliow and blue e~!e piact is abo solved, on Ihe right side. Now tUln the wkole cube sO Ihal white is the "frDot" face. IF Ihe top white edge isn't solved, just do Ins sequence once more, 'Dllowed by "U" 10 positio~ all Ihe edges properlv·




, - Solve the Top Corners

HI T: 'Find a. corMI piece th.f'J i. the ri!ht place, and hald ,he cub with thd piete alrove your ri",t tltUII~. In the 'picture, this 'leu is tha alue, yellow, and red. piece. Don't turn tlle top layer at III, because yoa will meu up the edges that you jut solved in thp $. ,low 10 t~e sequenae helDIII' once 01 twiu 1'0 put t.he ot~et 3 mnm ido the right plnn. If YOI cu't lid a corner piece in Ihe rig tplace. Just .0 tl.s seqlfme heltw om before yD~ shrt this ttep.



U R Ui Li U Ri Ui L

.... 'fJ ';ia Solve the Top Cornets

HINT: Hold the cube with red in front. Kllp loning the lOp r,yer .ntil th,e upper-fro~l-right ctrnef nee4s to be flipped, to hm blue on tO,r like in the pictlre. DD the sequence helow either 2 or4 timet to flip Ihe corner $0 that blue is on top_ With red still in froRI, keep turning tile top liyer and dQ the sequence, asain w~umr miedlo flip the upper-front-right to'rner piece, When all tile corners ~ave been flipped, just turn the r to loin the cu ••• CDngratulations, you've done it!




( Rl 01 ~ 0 ) X 2 or 4


'(ou don" HAVE TO roille Ifte whole euie to haye fun with it.

From .fimply tryin! to !IIab one side of the nme colour to maki~S diagonals or crOIlBl on sever,1 side's, you can 'ehDosethe task tkat Fitslhe time ~ou han to spend_

The cube can h a brilliant way to relax, if you know that the challeng.e. vou have ut yourself is do·able. Instead' of reading the hintl booklet from start 10 fi~ish, wily not try to finA your own ways of lIIaking the follOWing patterns. Who knows, you mithl invedt. whole new way of dol19 it?

fie follOWing pltteruto Ity ate in order of aifficully, so it maku sense to try them in the ulI1e order.


is 8$ easv or hard at you want, depending ,on hoW '"tRy sides ~OG decide to "corner· _ Stlrt with one Jilla, making a diasonal roW of tittle of the ums ,colouf.

In tbe n6KI le~el choose one end of your row M' thres and make anothu dia~onal on an adjaceftt side frolll one III the o~tr-the-edge colom ot the corner you ~a~8 chosen_ Yo.u un keep toin! until all the sides, have .been cormad - but if you're tht good, you Caft "obably solve the whole ~o'be anvway.

has fWD levels_ 1ft the rirst you try "0 'make a whole side 0' ope colour in Bn~ way

you Cian_ Vou d.on', bave to make three-in-B-rew of the other colours over-the-edge .Iong .each side. If you're trying fo develop cube uMnS skllll, you should try tom.k.e a enS! on the tide yoo'll goMng. then fil( in the cornen_

Of coune you CAN aD It aAY way YOI wantaid maybe it't more IUD trying to develop yOUl own Ity18?

In the ucond level of siding, the rOWI of thres ovat-the-edse from each side must be three-i.a-row o~ Dfte eolour.

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