ICTPD Milestones
Evidence of growing use of e-learning in classrooms
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computers are a timetabled part of reading and maths programmes web 2.0 tools video of speeches for self review inspiration for developing character webs - writing spelling activities youtube to teach singing finding teacher resources webquests blogging/writing using ultranet feedback/forward through comments left on ultranet educational sites to support maths/reading/writing programmes (nzmaths, smartkiddies) social networking through uspace 24hr access to learning for students planning now focuses on integration of ICT demand for use of the COW/mobile laptops discussion around devolution of the ICT suite in favour of more machines in each room data projectors in constant use use of Classroom Manager to record assessment data teachers utilizing laptops

Increased student achievement and engagement
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children using ultranet to access school website 24/7 students using new software and web 2.0 tools (moviemaker, animoto) improved quality of writing through blogging on ultranet awareness of global audience has made children consider more carefully the quality of their work increased amount of reading (incidental and planned) bringing contexts to life through youtube, internet resources (meaningful learning) collecting and analysing assessment data (e-asttle, internal assessment trends)

Changes to teaching practice to enhance teaching and learning
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greater use of internet to assist with planning daily integration of ICT in class programmes increased confidence amongst teachers integration of thinking tools into planning (critical thinking) improved pedagogical understanding actively seeking e-resources to enhance classroom programmes (ziptales, inspiration)

Teachers transfer of skills to the classrooms
acknowledgement that all teachers on different parts of the learning journey less resistance to embrace teaching with ICT enabled by having key personnel with required skills network obstacles largely overcome ICTPD re: Inquiry learning, higher order thinking etc easily transferred into classroom programmes

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