Question 2 Dynamics a) Mass= 25 kg

Speed at fro 0 sec to 16 sec At zero seconds: Where Us is the coefficient of static friction =0.5

When the block starts to move, it acquires kinetic friction.

Where Uk is the coefficient of static friction =0.4

the force acting on the load increase with time up to 8 seconds then decreases to zero at 16 seconds. To calculate the speed: At 0 sec speed: At 2 sec: At 4 sec: At 8 sec: . Where a= acceleration of the block.From the graph above.

From 8 sec the block decelerates up to zero: At 12 sec: vo= 128 At 14 sec: At 16 sec: speed = zero The graph is as shown below: .

At 400N At 8 sec: .b) The maximum velocity of the block occurs when there is maximum force application.

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