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Joel Michalchuk Feb. 27th, 2014 Name:____________________________ Date:______________________ !! 6th Grade Introduction to O Passo & Composition Grade:_____________ Title:_____________________________________ !

Musical Focus:
emphasize concepts/skills to

Singing Melody  Rhythm Timbre Harmony Form Movement  Creating Playing instruments Expressive Qualities! Objectives:
Learners will o Be able to (behavioral):

Preparation: (lead-in/hook/preparatory set/link to prior knowledge)


- Rhythm of the Day - Melody of the Day

Teaching Sequence:

do the basic steps of O Passo o Understand (cognitive): the practicality of O Passo o Encounter (experiential): guided composition o Change/add value (critical): reading and performing rhythmic notation !

- Describe O Passo - Brazilian music method focused on using the body - Helps keep time/tempo by internalizing beat - Show video of O Passo concert and Jumps in Time - Explain and model steps - Begin with cut time (1,2,1,2), then 4/4 (1,2,3,4) - Have one or two students model with teacher - Practice stepping and clapping (Call & Response) - Begin basic (each rhythm starting on strong beats) - Incorporate more complex rhythms (Tiri-Ti & Syncopation) - O Passo: Basic Step Worksheet 1 - Composition Activity: - Create rhythm in front of class, modeling how to use the cards to compose - Explain activity first - Groups will be given a set of cards to choose from. Order cards, 2 in a row, to create rhythmic composition - Split class into groups of 5 - Students will have 5-10 min to organize a composition and practice it - If students finish 2 card composition early, have them create another 2 cards and put the two segment together to create a 4 card composition - Circle up. Groups should be standing next to each other with rhythm cards in front of them - Groups perform compositions in clockwise order, buffering each group's composition with the teacher rhythm


- O Passo worksheet - Rhythm flash cards

National Standard(s) Addressed:

o Singing, alone & with others, a varied repertoire of music o Performing on instruments, alone & with others, a varied repertoire of music o Improvising melodies, variations and accompaniments o Composing & arranging music within  specific guidelines  o Reading and notating music o Listening to, analyzing, and describing music o Evaluating music & music performances o Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, & disciplines outside the arts o Understanding music in relation to history  and culture

Culmination: (consolidation of lesson)

Assessment: ! Written ! Informal  ! Individual ! Performance  ! Group ! Other:!

! ! ! ! ! ! !

- RoD/MoD - Introduction to O Passo - Composition Activity - Performance